Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stir your world

Just found out about this promo thing that the World Vision youth arm people-STIR are running. Basically instead of spending 10 grand on an advertising campaign, they've done pretty much done nothing, just chucked a video on their site explaining the idea.

So if they can get 10 000 people to sign up to their site they'll donate that money they would have spent on advertsing to one of the actual causes they support. Sounds like a top idea to me.

So here's my bit of free advertsing for them. Go get amongst it and sign up!


Anonymous said...

Top find digs, lov it lov it, although we cant jus do that...people have to realise how much we have and how much we can give...It wont kill us to let go of some of our luxuries...

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