Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Wife Swap USA

Although I was absolutely knackered after baking biscuits for prisoners with the Huddle and then laughing immensely at my own stupidity on tele, I was intrigued by the ads for Wife Swap USA. I honestly hope I was the only person who saw it, I really do.

The 'Christians' epitomised every bad stereotype that exists out there, it was woeful. They were sexist, unbelievably judgemental and condescending, didn't look after their health (I'm becoming increasingly convinced about the spiritual nature of looking after yourself-not being awesomely fit and that, just looking after yourself well) were terribly bigoted, narrow-minded, and worst of all, unhospitable.

The straight dude seriously wouldn't the gay guy stay in his house! That is the most un-Jesus like thing I could think of. Clearly he thought the dude's lifestyle was wrong-but I really can't think of a way that acting really judgementally and refusing hospitality is in any way going to change that dudes lifestyle. Loving him like Jesus would-maybe, being a tool-no.

Whatever your thoughts on homosexuality, we should never never never treat those who don't follow Jesus the way this guy and his family did.

I'm really wary of cracking at how bad a Christian other people are, because I know of my own glaring inability to be much chop at it, but in this case I've got no problem, it was just so wrong. I know we shouldn't judge, but that doesn't mean we can't stand up for what we believe is wrong and right.


Anonymous said...

I saw it to mate and thought it was terrible. You will have to put Christians in a better light on episode 2 of 1 v100

Anonymous said...

There was a woman on Trading Spouses who was also a shocker. She was swapped with the mother from a hippy family, and dismissed everything they said and did as "dark-sided" yet expected them to listen to her talk about church etc...and she put on a turn at the end of the show that would have put any exorcism to shame!!

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