Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Worst TV show ever

Was round at my mates house the other day getting ready for his wedding, going through all the last minute order of service stuff, working out exactly what I was and wasn't gonna say etc. All good fun.

Apart from the crap show that was on the tele, on Foxtel. It was called the Swan, and it was absolutely atrocious. Basically the idea was that they took a whole bunch of 'ugly ducklings' and spent a crap load on plastic surgery for them to make them look like a 'Swan' and then parade them around wearing bugger all so they can win prizes and further enforce the stereotype that their self worth comes from how they look. Man, I was so pissed off, it was just such shite. Superficial, shallow shite.

I have never been tempted to write in to a TV station beofre but actually thought about it with this one, I nearly did. Perhaps its a slightly defeatist attitude, but i didn't really feel my letter to some massive network in the USA would make a difference, so decided to vent my anger here.

I friggin hate that show.


bek said...

Ive seen that show before too and I thought it was absolute crap too!

Women have enough crap pushed in their face about how they look without adding to the list shows like...'the swan' and those makeover reality shows.

Sometimes women need a little help...maybe a new haircut or something like that...but not plastic surgery. I never watch this shows because I figure that it just gives them one more rating that I dont want to contribute too.

Anonymous said...

I prefer 'Cheaters'. Quality show with an oh so predictable outcome.


Anonymous said...

yep and even worse, one is voted to be more pretty than the other.....EVEN AFTER ALL THE SURGERY....its gross, so so gross. Love your passion mate, keep it up!!