Monday, April 30, 2007

I've left my faith because...

I love talking to people who are able to actually articulate why they've left their church or faith or both, they just make for so much more interesting conversation than the 'I dunno, I just left' or 'I just wanna have sex with my girlfriend' people who I more normally come across. I also find myself talking to some people who've left it all and aren't really sure why, so don't want to talk about it, as they think they're susceptible to me trying to talk them into it again or something.

Had a fantastic conversation with a girl I kind of used to know a couple of years back, and it was just great, I could say what I believed openly, and she too didn't feel judged and so was able to express to me some of her issues with the ideas of God and the Bible, some legitimate, some I disagreed with. All done with respect for difference and openness to other ideas. Will hopefully blog about the content of the conversation again soon, twas a good one.

Another scalper...

Got a lot of effort by this one, wrote a long letter to me at school (obviously saw the school mentioned in the paper) telling me her woesome life story, which if true, does actually sound pretty tough.

Not sure what to do with it, as I'm really against the idea of giving money to randoms who write in and ask for it, but I am also committed to giving away my 20%, will be an interesting one to think through...

As one of the teachers at school today said, 'Thats what the Salvo's and Centrelink are for' which is true, but I'll have a think...

Friday, April 27, 2007

Kids say the darndest things...

Every Friday I mentor a little 7 year old kid as a part of the Kids Hope program and we were taling about what he'd done that week, and I was asking him about ANZAC day, and how much he knew etc, which he proudly told me it was about the brave soldiers going off to war.

He then proceeded to tell me his great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great, great (he seriously counted off 19 greats on his fingers) grandfather was in the war. I can't remember exactly which wars Australian soldiers were in 380 years ago, but I'm glad he's proud of his grandfatehr that was in it!!

He was also telling me about this play that was coming to school, i asked how long it went for and he just said 'until the wolf gets caught'. I think the concept of time is something he's still developing! Great stuff.

Also on monday I had the lying kid I mentioned earlier telling me about all this crazy stuff that he did on his holidays, which I can't really mention here without incriminating him, but it was hilarious.

Video on YouTube?

Does anybody know how, if I gave them the DVD of 1vs100, to put it up on YouTube? Got a couple of friends overseas at the moment, and it's just gonna be cheaper easier if I put it there so they can see it rather than having to send it to them.

If you could let me know if you have such mystical powers that would be awesome.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So Channel 9 have come through with the goods-a couple of days before I was expecting it too! Good work Eddie! I was hoping he'd fly down and hand-deliever it, but you can't always get what you want hey! The only other thing I'm spewing about is not getting a giant novelty cheque! That would have been sweet!

I reckon the worst bit will be waiting for the cheque to clear! Haha, a tough problem to have hey!

Also, didn't hear it, but apparently Wil Anderson was paying out on me for some reason on JJJ earlier today, I should get on there next week and give him a spray!

P.S. I don't know why I look so confused in this photo, so don't ask!

Soo Random

Definitely the most random thing to have happened so far as a result of all this being on 1vs100 stuff.

I get a letter the other day addressed to the Tyabb Post Office, asking if they can find 'Digger from 1vs100', which obviously they did. Look at the address, and it appears to be from some random from QLD-which it is.

So, she congratulates me and that, and then asks if I'm still keen on going to Malawi, and if so she may need my help, because she happens to know a tribal leader who has just died, and she only needs my bank account details...

Haha, na she says she has been invited to introduce the game of AFl to the millions of young people in Malawi! So she wants my help as an AFL player to go over their and assess the viability of such a venture!

I don't know exactly what that would entail, but could be a bit of fun! So anyway, i'm going to write back to her and see where we go from here..

It has set me off thinking about some other crazy ideas about getting all these old footballs from clubs all over Australia and taking them over there and running all these clinics for kids, and raising all this money on the Footy Show... but more on that later! Am flat knacker studying so don't really have any time to even think about it right now though...

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Big Brother

So, once again, the biggest anthropological exercise in town has begun. I love the new ads for 3 Mobile, they're totally taking the piss out of the whole concept whilst trying to advertise it. It's just normal people watching normal people do normal things.

I was impressed with the eco-friendly approach they're taking this year, but at the same time, I realise they're totally just getting on the bandwagon as its what everybody else is doing, but that's popular culture hey.

For those of you who don't know, I did try out for Big Brother again this year, but I'm not allowed to talk about the process or how far I got, but sitting at home watching tonight the thought that could have been me walking into the house, am still a little disappointed. I wouldn't have even cared about their being no money, it was all about the experience, would have been mad fun, but oh well. Would have been interesting to see how it would have affected my future ministry too.

Having got onto 1vs100 and the subsequent radio n newspaper stuff now means I'll never get in, but ah well, such is life hey.

Also interesting to note the Mormon girl in there and the other couple of people with religious backgrouns who are up for voting to get in, clearly they took my spot! Spewing!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Page 7 of today's Herald Sun

Scored myself a nice little article, but am spewing about the photos they used. The one at school is OK, but the church one is so not representative of what I do! There was a ripper one of me taking a massive hanger over Harry, but unfortunately they didn't use it! Spewing!

Here it is on the net.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Birthing Kits Assembly Day

This should be an awesome day, I'm pretty excited about it actually. All the info is in the picture, so I don't need to write much more. I don't know exactly what goes in the packs, but seems like a really good practical thing to do for others. The Huddle are getting on board with the Junction crew and a whole heap others, and we'll be having a barbie lunch with money going to the junior footy club at the Pond.

Anybody down in the area should come get amongst it.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just missed out on the ones

So, after a long long pre-season of training on the beach and running all over uneven parks and foreshores (due to our ground being off-limits this season because of the drought), season 2007 is finally nearly upon us! I'm sooo keen to get out there!

Was training with the ones squad, and it was lookign as though it might be 137th game lucky, but no, just missed out. A bit disappointed, but thats cool, get he chance to play with Jacko coming back through the twos and with all the other boys I've always played with, so that should be great. We've got a pretty strong side in too, so should give Cribby a lesson.

It's gonna be a top year, so can't wait! Go Yabbs!

Adam Selwood=Poor form

As a footy player, I reckon his first sledge is not uncommon, and call me crude, but not really that out of the ordinary.

But the second comment was just not on. That's just not what it's all about.

Just realised that not everybody will know the story. In a nutshell, he saw a tattoo of a girl on another player's arm, made a comment about having slept with her the night before (to put it nicely) and then when hearing that it was the other player's 6 year old daughter, called her a sl&*. That's just not on. There's sledging, and then there's wrong.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Writing for readers

Had an interview the other day with this dude who's doing his Ph.D on Christians and blogs and what not, and it was really interesting thinking about my blogging and all of this, cos often you don't realise why you do things until somebody sits you down and asks you to articulate why you do them. It's a good process.

But he was asking me about whether or not I write for the people who read, or for my own good. Often for me I think it's about trying to help me sift through stuff that's going on in my head, but sometimes it is purely because something interests/excites/angers me and so I want to let others know.

Was also interesting thinking about the stage I went through with my blogging where I really cared how many people read my blog, and would fully just make up posts so that my readership wouldn't go down. Nowadays I couldn't really be bothered. It was cool seeing my hit counter quadruple in the week after I was on the TV/paper/radio, but nowadays I don't blog to get readers. If people read my stuff, then sweet, if not, then I'm ok with it.

Funny things blogs.

Friday, April 13, 2007

The type of people I will give money to

Basically, to people who don't ask for it. It's pretty much that simple.

I've got a mate in Tassie who me and another mate like to visit about once a year, and he'll come over about once a year, and so I offered to my mate from over here that I'd pay for our next trip, cos at the moment I'm lucky to have a bit extra money. He was like 'na na, I'll be right' which just confirms to me he's the kind of mate who I do want to help out financially.

If he had just expected it, or was always asking me to pay for our next trip, I'd be a little more reluctant.

Just seeing if me having a tad more money will change the way people react to me in general will be an interesting one too, so we'll see.

And so the money scabs have started...

Haha, I knew this would happen, but I at least expected it to be somebody I know! Got a myspace msg today from some dude I've literally met once, about 4 months ago.

Tells me he's in debt, needs to pay somebody back, yadayada, and asks for $800. No, not for an $800 loan, but just for $800. In the immortal words of Darryl Kerrigan "Tell him he's dreaming"

What the Huddle's all about

Realised the other day that on here I talk a lot about the Huddle and what we do but I've never really explained what its all about, so i thought I'd have a crack at it on here.

Basically, we've been going for about a year a half now, nearly two. It started when I got together a few mates who I knew were sort of thinking the same way as me about church and stuff, and decided to have a crack at it.

We used to meet at my house every week, and we were very unorganised, which ended up meaning that I ran pretty much all of the nights, so pretty soon we decided to change that, because it was just unhealty for a number of reasons. So now we move around to different people's houses every week, and somebody different is always leading, which is sweet.

So on any given monday night, we'll rock up, have tea (which is our Communion) which is cooked by the person who's house we're at, somebody will lead us in some form of worship/prayer/response and reflection time, which may involve anything from meditation to written or spoken prayers, reflection on a Biblical story, listening to music, or whatever.

Then somebody will lead us in some discussion, which may be following a theme over a few weeks or something independant for that night.

Once a month we have 'service nights' where we try and do some form of active service for people in the broader community, so like doing fundraisers, Clean Up Australia Day, Pimp My Yard-where we go and clean up the garden's and houses of people in the community who are struggling, giving blood, writing letters about Make Poverty History and Amnesty type stuff, just any practical sort of stuff we can do to help people out.

Actually this month we're gonna be doing this thing where we make up these birthing kits to send over to people in 3rd world countries to stop all these women dying during childbirth just cos of unsanitary conditions and that, so should be sweet.

We're connected with the Frankston Church of Christ, the church which I've been a part of for the last few years, which means we're supported by them, and I'm in relationship with, and accountable to, the leadership there, which I think is helping both parties at the moment.

So yeah, that's pretty much us in a nutshell. If I've missed anything could you Huddle people-apart from Harry-who will no doubt make some smartarse comment anyway, let me know, and I'll fix it up.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Point Nepean Music Festival

Man what a weekend! So much awesome music and free food, all for nothing! Volunteering for music festivals is pretty much the coolest thing ever! Did a bit of 'work' putting wristbands on people and manning a gate, and mucked around and saw music the rest of the time!

Saw Ben Harper (played all my favourites except Walk Away), Missy Higgins (top chick, played all the good stuff), John Mayer (although I missed No Such Thing and he didn't play Your Body Is a Wonderland) Custom Kings, Ben Kweller, Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars and heaps more. Missed seeing Ozomatli but still heard them from where I was working.

Other highlights were Pete crashing Ella's car whilst yelling at Rocket to get a haircut, Joel snapping the key to Ella's car then searching for it for half an hour before speaking to her from Thailand and sorting it out, playing frisbee and nearly getting kicked out, dancing like idiots and nearly getting kicked out, free food vouchers, meeting heaps of randoms I haven't seen for ages, and just generally getting amongst it with Petey and Joel.

From now on I'm definitely volunteering for every music festival I can!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Looking for Jesus: refugees in faith - National -

Looking for Jesus: refugees in faith - National -

Found this article today via Signposts, and its a good little one about the why and what of the 'emerging church' here in Melbourne. Very basic, but gives a good overview.

"JESUS asked his mates to stay with him, but they got pissed and fell asleep, the bloody bastards."

As an account of the disciples' failure in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before Jesus was crucified, it may lack the poetry and majesty of the King James Bible. But the 22 street people in a dingy city basement get the point.

This rather loose Bible reading from Matthew 26 by young church worker Virginia Moebus is part of a weekly gathering in Credo Cafe run by Urban Seed, a Baptist Church outreach to homeless and drug-addicted city dwellers.

Most of these people would never set foot in church, but they come faithfully to the gathering, followed by the free lunch served every day.

They meet in cafes, homes, halls, parks or galleries. Rather than "church", they may meet as families, students, business people or surfies. They may be linked to mainstream churches or they may be independent. Most are small, committed and young.

In the words of a US leader, Brian McLaren, the emerging church aims to "go back and get reconnected to Jesus with all of his radical, profound, far-reaching message of the kingdom of God" without the institutional trappings and without the doctrine.

As I said, I dunno if it's all spot on, but its a good little read.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

Father Bob

Haha, it was fair to say my second interview was a little harder than the first-mainly due to Father Bob trouting off most of the time! Haha, but was still good fun. We'll see how I go next time I'm on

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Such a crazy week!

Man, this week ever since 1vs100 has just been crazy! Besides speaking to Neil Mitchell, being in the local paper and Herald Sun I've just been trying to reply to all the myspace messages, emails and sms from my friends! Sorry guys, I'm working through them!

I hope it doesn't read like I'm just boasting about all this stuff, but i just wanted to blog about, cos its all just so surreal, and so funny. I've just been laughing at myself all week-even if nobody else has!

Am on Neil Mitchell again tomorrow (Thurs) on 3AW which is on 693 AM for those of you who like me rarely venture from the FM stations!

Wants to have a bit of a chat about Easter-had to pick pretty much the most complex topic available hey! Hopefully it will be a little more classy than 'Jesus You've Got Talent' on JJJ in the morning!

But seriously the Easter story is such a rich, multi-layered story, don't know what I wanna talk about just yet, but we'll see how I go!

Bra Boys

Went and saw this last night (don't worry-I had a free ticket!) and it was just crazy! Such a top movie.

There's just so many quality themes in there of community, brotherhood, tribal identity, looking out for others who are struggling in life (the story about Ma's house was just gold) standing up for what you believe in, struggling against injustice and living life to the full. They're not angels, just regular Aussie blokes. Plus there's some mad surfing footage!

The way those boys do community and share life together puts us in the church to shame. Top movie.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Sweet! Just had an interview with Neil Mitchell

Haha, that was cool as. Apparently Neil was just randomly watching my show last night, and was a big wrap for me and so wanted an interview this morning. I was really stoked with how it went too, got to talk about what i do, the Huddle, my ministry training stuff, the mighty Yabbs-it was tip top.

Reckons he wants to speak to me more often about ethics and ethical issues or something, so that should be sweet.

For those not from Melbourne Neil hosts one of the talkback shows here, on 3AW, which is apparently the highest rating station in Melbourne. But anyway, he seemed like a real nice bloke to me.


Man, the best thing about my show going to air is that I can finally talk about it! It's been the most frustrating two months ever!

Although it was ages ago I filmed it, it's still sinking in just how much money I now have. It's pretty crazy to go from having $7 in the bank to $98 007! Although thats not actually true, as I won't get the money for another month now, by which time I may have less than $7!

I haven't completely sorted out what I want to do with it all yet, apart from a few grand to pay off some debts and the $20 000 I'm giving away-half overseas and half here. Initially I was just gonna donate that straight off to a couple charities/people, but am thinking I might invest it and gradually give away a grand or two a year, and possibly end up giving away like 30-40 grand, which I'm pretty excited about.

Am off to see a mate who's a financial planner, so hopefully he'll help me sort it all out. Will prob end up investing a fair chunk of it for now, and see what comes up down the track.

The thing I'm most keen on is not letting this really change the way I live my life. Sure there's gonna be a couple more things I'm able to buy, but I've got plenty of people around me who'll be telling me if I'm spending it like a tool.

I've always been really coomiited to the whole living simply thing, which has always been easy enough, as I've always had no real choice, but I can see it's gonna get a whole lot harder now. But a good problem to have.

It will be very weird though everybody I know knowing how much money I have. Very interesting indeed. Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed me making a fool of myself last night-cos that was why I went on!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Argh! Lent is killing me!

Was hanging out with a mate over in Torquay yesterday, which was grouse fun. Saw my twin brother Lucas Batlett's band and had a very cruisey day on the beach bodysurfing and solving the problems of the world. I think we're pretty close to solving all of them.

So obviously being over there I decided to go check out the seconds surf stores cos I'm in need of some new shorts. My favourite ones are struggling and have already been repaired like 4 times. So I'm gonna get new ones.

So the dilemma was, do I get some new shorts down there whilst they're like half price, whilst I'm not meant to be buying anything during Lent? Because I'm going to buy new shorts, it's just a matter of when, so why not just buy them then and save money? Is it being too legalistic to just wait a week when I'm gonna get some anyway? Or am I just giving in and making up excuses to justify it to myself? I'm not convinced either way to be honest.

And then today I saw the sweetest ever old school Adidas jacket at the op-shop, which I know will not last long. Any self-respecting lover of old school jackets would snap it up in an instant!

I decided not to buy either of them. Lent is hard, which is probably a good thing.