Monday, April 02, 2007

Argh! Lent is killing me!

Was hanging out with a mate over in Torquay yesterday, which was grouse fun. Saw my twin brother Lucas Batlett's band and had a very cruisey day on the beach bodysurfing and solving the problems of the world. I think we're pretty close to solving all of them.

So obviously being over there I decided to go check out the seconds surf stores cos I'm in need of some new shorts. My favourite ones are struggling and have already been repaired like 4 times. So I'm gonna get new ones.

So the dilemma was, do I get some new shorts down there whilst they're like half price, whilst I'm not meant to be buying anything during Lent? Because I'm going to buy new shorts, it's just a matter of when, so why not just buy them then and save money? Is it being too legalistic to just wait a week when I'm gonna get some anyway? Or am I just giving in and making up excuses to justify it to myself? I'm not convinced either way to be honest.

And then today I saw the sweetest ever old school Adidas jacket at the op-shop, which I know will not last long. Any self-respecting lover of old school jackets would snap it up in an instant!

I decided not to buy either of them. Lent is hard, which is probably a good thing.


Louisa said...

Well, you're going to be able to splurge once it's over after that amazing turn with Eddie!


Captain Best said...

Yeah, not sure about spending heaps of money being such a good idea, really. When I finished, yesterday, (my lent that is), I decided to continue because it made me feel so much better. I think cutting down on the spending money is a good thing, and just because the 40 days is finished, doesn't mean you just stop doing a good thing. Anyway, that's my opinion. I decided to do more, even, for the next 40 days. I'm making a specific effort to make somebody else feel better each day. This is fun and rewarding both for me and otehrs. Yay.
But sorry, don't mean at all to sound like I'm bragging, but just sharing. I thought you might be interested to know since it was partly you who (and ben chong) who helped me decide to get involved in lent this year anyway.
I've lost my train of thought. Finish comment there.

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