Monday, April 30, 2007

I've left my faith because...

I love talking to people who are able to actually articulate why they've left their church or faith or both, they just make for so much more interesting conversation than the 'I dunno, I just left' or 'I just wanna have sex with my girlfriend' people who I more normally come across. I also find myself talking to some people who've left it all and aren't really sure why, so don't want to talk about it, as they think they're susceptible to me trying to talk them into it again or something.

Had a fantastic conversation with a girl I kind of used to know a couple of years back, and it was just great, I could say what I believed openly, and she too didn't feel judged and so was able to express to me some of her issues with the ideas of God and the Bible, some legitimate, some I disagreed with. All done with respect for difference and openness to other ideas. Will hopefully blog about the content of the conversation again soon, twas a good one.


Jono said...

Yes, I must admit, I get annoyed at some reasons for not wanting to be a Christian/leaving Christianity. Leaving the church is a bit diferent, though. If you leave the church, and not your faith, that is not so bad. Some Christians would dissagree with me. But that is what I think.

Esky said...

Hey Paul,

Can't wait to hear your thoughts further on this matter.
I rekon there's almost a taboo nature to this subject- that's possibly why i like it quite a fair bit.

As someone who has left a church and joined another, a million questions come to me as to what conditions allow or inhibit an invidual to "change" churches, followed by many implications on the already established 'religous-ness' of christianity and false human restrictions... where exactly do we drawn a line?

hola back yo.

Anonymous said...

Some people may not know why they left...maybe their friend didnt go anymore or they got busy or something...

Maybe people leave church because they dont connect with god through the way that particular church is run/organised/the way worship is done. It may to be because they dont connect with people at that church...a whole lot of the time I think people dont realise there are other ways of worshipping god other than your average songs and sermon type worship - talking worship in the building at the service type. Maybe that could be why...churches simple cant cater for all types of people and for all different types of worship...or maybe they can they just dont know it/try it...


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