Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Just missed out on the ones

So, after a long long pre-season of training on the beach and running all over uneven parks and foreshores (due to our ground being off-limits this season because of the drought), season 2007 is finally nearly upon us! I'm sooo keen to get out there!

Was training with the ones squad, and it was lookign as though it might be 137th game lucky, but no, just missed out. A bit disappointed, but thats cool, get he chance to play with Jacko coming back through the twos and with all the other boys I've always played with, so that should be great. We've got a pretty strong side in too, so should give Cribby a lesson.

It's gonna be a top year, so can't wait! Go Yabbs!


Anonymous said...

but thing this happens all the time, from listening to hughys and kate one morning, they where talking about what you have just written, and this is everywhere, but i guess that was the stepping stone over the line with word calling....but the thing we cant hear what every foot baller says to one other, we can see it if one takes it to far, through a fight or such, but one foot baller says he used to get called names of the field, coz he had depression, but he never started a fight, so no one really knew, what was being said!
if ya get what i mean!

Digger said...

Hey Hannah! Yeah so that was a bit random-I'm presuming you're talking about my previous post?