Friday, April 06, 2007

Looking for Jesus: refugees in faith - National -

Looking for Jesus: refugees in faith - National -

Found this article today via Signposts, and its a good little one about the why and what of the 'emerging church' here in Melbourne. Very basic, but gives a good overview.

"JESUS asked his mates to stay with him, but they got pissed and fell asleep, the bloody bastards."

As an account of the disciples' failure in the Garden of Gethsemane the night before Jesus was crucified, it may lack the poetry and majesty of the King James Bible. But the 22 street people in a dingy city basement get the point.

This rather loose Bible reading from Matthew 26 by young church worker Virginia Moebus is part of a weekly gathering in Credo Cafe run by Urban Seed, a Baptist Church outreach to homeless and drug-addicted city dwellers.

Most of these people would never set foot in church, but they come faithfully to the gathering, followed by the free lunch served every day.

They meet in cafes, homes, halls, parks or galleries. Rather than "church", they may meet as families, students, business people or surfies. They may be linked to mainstream churches or they may be independent. Most are small, committed and young.

In the words of a US leader, Brian McLaren, the emerging church aims to "go back and get reconnected to Jesus with all of his radical, profound, far-reaching message of the kingdom of God" without the institutional trappings and without the doctrine.

As I said, I dunno if it's all spot on, but its a good little read.


Anonymous said...

Hi Digger,

Yeah it's not a bad read, even to someone like moi who isn't overly religious. Doing the whole outreach thing is fine, as long as the people doing it are honest and explain it for what it is. I disagree with Christians (and yep, I don't see Muslims/Jews/etc doing it) who try and hook people in without telling them of their true intentions. At uni I hear quite frequently about "free movies"..."free lunch"..."free concerts"..."free sample bags"...that are used to get people in, with a "free" and (usually unwanted) dose of bible-bashing or religious reading material coming on top. Even though I'm not a church-goer, I admire people like yourself who are honest and upfront about their beliefs.


Christop said...

I was fairly annoyed by the article. They told us they weren't going to quote anyone or use any names. And it's just always irritating reading the media's take on something that's really familiar.

Anonymous said...

christop I see where you are coming from but it helps create a real life story. People connect so much more with stories...I thought it was a good read for what it is, a bit more depth/research could be interesting to see where they had gone but yeah...


Digger said...

Hey Kiera, are you the Kiera I know from down this way? But yeah, don't get me started on Christians trying to suck people into it, man it pisses me off.

If ur gonna tell pople about jesus, then do it, but yeah, do it honestly.

Christop that does suck when they say they'll not use names but do and all that, and yeah ur right, it never come sout in the media the same way it is hey!

Anonymous said...

Hi Digger,

No, I'm not - I'm from Brisbane!!

Digger said...

Haha, oh well, thought I'd take a stab in the dark!