Saturday, April 21, 2007

Page 7 of today's Herald Sun

Scored myself a nice little article, but am spewing about the photos they used. The one at school is OK, but the church one is so not representative of what I do! There was a ripper one of me taking a massive hanger over Harry, but unfortunately they didn't use it! Spewing!

Here it is on the net.


Jono said...

Awesome. I want an article written about me. Yes! What a good idea! I might write one myself and then bribe the Herald Sun to put it in with the $2 I found on the ground yesterday.

emmalee said...

im SO glad ur getting a new ipod.
if i won money,
i would buy you a new ipod because urs was stolen.. and i was there wen u found out and was more annoyed and outraged than you were.
im glad everything is going awesome for you lately.
charity thing is awesome also. take it easy,
catch up soon

Anonymous said...

I saw the pic and I was like hmm...not a set up at all. Was still a top article though! Your just too famous these days mate.


Digger said...

Yeah u should totally do it Croxy! That'd be awesome!

Haha yeah cheers Pfeff, yeah no doubt I'll be catching you at some sort of reunion of some sort pretty soon!

Yeah i know Mitchy, I really didn't want him to use that one at all, but oh well. It's just so not representative of what I do most of the time!

B.C. said...

Ahem. I laughed that they called you Mr. Randle. That is all.

And then again, when I saw you referred to Jono as 'Croxy'.

Jono said...

Ha, heaps of people ahve reffered ot me as 'Croxy' over the years.

And by the way Digger, sorry to dissapoint, but I spent that $2. I actually gave it to Ben Chong because I owed him money. That's right, Ben, you stole my fame.

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