Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Soo Random

Definitely the most random thing to have happened so far as a result of all this being on 1vs100 stuff.

I get a letter the other day addressed to the Tyabb Post Office, asking if they can find 'Digger from 1vs100', which obviously they did. Look at the address, and it appears to be from some random from QLD-which it is.

So, she congratulates me and that, and then asks if I'm still keen on going to Malawi, and if so she may need my help, because she happens to know a tribal leader who has just died, and she only needs my bank account details...

Haha, na she says she has been invited to introduce the game of AFl to the millions of young people in Malawi! So she wants my help as an AFL player to go over their and assess the viability of such a venture!

I don't know exactly what that would entail, but could be a bit of fun! So anyway, i'm going to write back to her and see where we go from here..

It has set me off thinking about some other crazy ideas about getting all these old footballs from clubs all over Australia and taking them over there and running all these clinics for kids, and raising all this money on the Footy Show... but more on that later! Am flat knacker studying so don't really have any time to even think about it right now though...

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