Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Such a crazy week!

Man, this week ever since 1vs100 has just been crazy! Besides speaking to Neil Mitchell, being in the local paper and Herald Sun I've just been trying to reply to all the myspace messages, emails and sms from my friends! Sorry guys, I'm working through them!

I hope it doesn't read like I'm just boasting about all this stuff, but i just wanted to blog about, cos its all just so surreal, and so funny. I've just been laughing at myself all week-even if nobody else has!

Am on Neil Mitchell again tomorrow (Thurs) on 3AW which is on 693 AM for those of you who like me rarely venture from the FM stations!

Wants to have a bit of a chat about Easter-had to pick pretty much the most complex topic available hey! Hopefully it will be a little more classy than 'Jesus You've Got Talent' on JJJ in the morning!

But seriously the Easter story is such a rich, multi-layered story, don't know what I wanna talk about just yet, but we'll see how I go!


Anonymous said...

Hey Digger,
Well done on all that's happened this week!
Imagine all these opportunities stemming from a big commercial machine. God works in mysterious ways!
Just heard your second interview on the radio - hope there's more to come, because there's plenty to be said and I reckon you've got the right words and the right actions.

Digger said...

YEah cheers thanks mate. Hopefully I can get a word in next time!

Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

Yeah, Father Bob is now slouch when it comes to getting the words out.

Was good to hear you though. I had to jump through some weird hoops to get the 3AW Internet steam working.

Anonymous said...

Why do I always miss you on these thingss!!!!!
Ah well, hope it went well!


Digger said...

Yeah I know Gareth, its so hard to find the podcast too, you have to go on some mytalk site or something, don't think they're right onto it yet!

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