Friday, April 13, 2007

What the Huddle's all about

Realised the other day that on here I talk a lot about the Huddle and what we do but I've never really explained what its all about, so i thought I'd have a crack at it on here.

Basically, we've been going for about a year a half now, nearly two. It started when I got together a few mates who I knew were sort of thinking the same way as me about church and stuff, and decided to have a crack at it.

We used to meet at my house every week, and we were very unorganised, which ended up meaning that I ran pretty much all of the nights, so pretty soon we decided to change that, because it was just unhealty for a number of reasons. So now we move around to different people's houses every week, and somebody different is always leading, which is sweet.

So on any given monday night, we'll rock up, have tea (which is our Communion) which is cooked by the person who's house we're at, somebody will lead us in some form of worship/prayer/response and reflection time, which may involve anything from meditation to written or spoken prayers, reflection on a Biblical story, listening to music, or whatever.

Then somebody will lead us in some discussion, which may be following a theme over a few weeks or something independant for that night.

Once a month we have 'service nights' where we try and do some form of active service for people in the broader community, so like doing fundraisers, Clean Up Australia Day, Pimp My Yard-where we go and clean up the garden's and houses of people in the community who are struggling, giving blood, writing letters about Make Poverty History and Amnesty type stuff, just any practical sort of stuff we can do to help people out.

Actually this month we're gonna be doing this thing where we make up these birthing kits to send over to people in 3rd world countries to stop all these women dying during childbirth just cos of unsanitary conditions and that, so should be sweet.

We're connected with the Frankston Church of Christ, the church which I've been a part of for the last few years, which means we're supported by them, and I'm in relationship with, and accountable to, the leadership there, which I think is helping both parties at the moment.

So yeah, that's pretty much us in a nutshell. If I've missed anything could you Huddle people-apart from Harry-who will no doubt make some smartarse comment anyway, let me know, and I'll fix it up.


B.C. said...

... you deleted my comment. sickening.

Jono said...

I like huddle. It is good, and is definately looking at church/christian community in the right sort of light. This sort of light is very often forgotten by many current church goers. Bad.

Digger said...

Yeah sorry about that Chong, when I moved this post to show as the most recent one it deleted your comment. I did appreciate though.

How can I make up such a sin to you?

B.C. said...

Accept my freakin challenge for an Africa Aid vs The Huddle 20-man Tag Team Match.

Tables Ladders Chairs.

Women allowed.

No biting... except I might.

Ps. You commented at 3:21 pm. how awesome.

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