Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Writing for readers

Had an interview the other day with this dude who's doing his Ph.D on Christians and blogs and what not, and it was really interesting thinking about my blogging and all of this, cos often you don't realise why you do things until somebody sits you down and asks you to articulate why you do them. It's a good process.

But he was asking me about whether or not I write for the people who read, or for my own good. Often for me I think it's about trying to help me sift through stuff that's going on in my head, but sometimes it is purely because something interests/excites/angers me and so I want to let others know.

Was also interesting thinking about the stage I went through with my blogging where I really cared how many people read my blog, and would fully just make up posts so that my readership wouldn't go down. Nowadays I couldn't really be bothered. It was cool seeing my hit counter quadruple in the week after I was on the TV/paper/radio, but nowadays I don't blog to get readers. If people read my stuff, then sweet, if not, then I'm ok with it.

Funny things blogs.


Jono said...

Haha, I read your stuff anyway, regardless of whether you want me to or not.

Also, I feel like I write my blog for readers, and not for myself, which is probably bad. I think I should try and write stuff for myself, but for some reason that is hard for me. I don't know why. Will try. I like my blog, but, and am not saying it is bad. Go, now, anybody who is reading this.


ps. If you feel like it, I have many other, more innovative blogs, two of which are mentioned below:


Go to the fuzzypad one, it is so awesome. It's like, Warm Fuzzy heaven land.

Anonymous said...

i blog (on myspace) occasionally because i need to sort something out in my head or what not and sometimes because im angry and i need to let it out...dont care if anyone reads it. But then there are some which are ones i want people to read and be aware of...spose a bit of each really.