Tuesday, April 24, 2007


So Channel 9 have come through with the goods-a couple of days before I was expecting it too! Good work Eddie! I was hoping he'd fly down and hand-deliever it, but you can't always get what you want hey! The only other thing I'm spewing about is not getting a giant novelty cheque! That would have been sweet!

I reckon the worst bit will be waiting for the cheque to clear! Haha, a tough problem to have hey!

Also, didn't hear it, but apparently Wil Anderson was paying out on me for some reason on JJJ earlier today, I should get on there next week and give him a spray!

P.S. I don't know why I look so confused in this photo, so don't ask!


Esky said...

you look like you're going to have a teary...

Anonymous said...

I wanna no what will anderson paid you out about

Jono said...

Ha! I was going to comment on how confused you looked in that photo. Until I read the last line, that is.
So dissapointing you didn't get an oversized novelty cheque! As a kid, I used to wonder how people cashed in those cheques. Did they just parade up to a bank with them, and try and force it through the little hold in the glass between you and the bank person? I wanted to see somebody try and do it someday.

Anonymous said...

My guess at a caption is:
"strewth mum, hurry up and take the shot - I really didn't want to pose for this"

Anonymous said...

ive got to watch more television and pay attention tot he rss feeds more, i missed it all.

and last fortnight had a friend on temptation too, missed that as well...


Digger said...

Yeah it may have been a little hard to walk down the street with it and not get mugged! Especially in Frnaga!

Don't worry Daz, witha ny luck a mate of a mate of mine is gonna put it up on YouTube for us, so that'll be sweet!

Samantha Louise said...

you look like an interesting character hey!

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