Sunday, May 13, 2007

Best game of footy ever!

Not necessarily by myself, although I did get a couple of kicks-and none kicked on me, but the team just played awesome! Beat

We beat the top side, and highly fancied for the flag, Sorrento, by two points. Troy Schwarze and his supposed AFl skills made no real impact on the game, and I can proudly say he did nothing in the two minutes I played on him! Even big Ronald McDonald (not his real name sorry all Kangaroo's supporters from the 80's) didn't do much.

It was fair to say that I did sledge the house down, was trouting off at Schwarze for ages, and pretty much anybody else who had a shot inside 50! I knew a few guys who used to give me a bath in the juniors, so was satisying to beat them, and also considering we had no bench for the second half made it even better.

The game see-saw'd the whole time, they got up by 9 at one stage in the last, before some Matty Hose brilliance steadied the ship and Smid kicked the winner with two minutes to go. Copped a massive hit to the side of the head and was fair dazed for much of the last, but we had no bench so i had to suck it up, which i am feeling the results of today!

Because it was my first game in the ones, I got to lead the boys off, and was stuck in the middle of the circle whilst everybody sprayed me with water as it was my first win in the seniors.

Without a doubt the best game of football I've been involved i and one of the most exciting days of my life, full stop. Think I did enought to earn a game next week too, so should be good!


Anonymous said...

Top stuff! Id come watch if you didnt play so far away...Well done though mate.

Jono said...

If I knew anything about footy, I could possibly comment longer than this. Possibly. Cheesecake.

Gareth Williams said...

Wow, troy has definately fallen from grace. I expected he'd be playing VFL after getting delidted by the Saints.
Well done mate.

Esky said...

Not big on the game but i still dig the yabs! woot woot...

Digger said...

What are you saying Gaz? That playing against the might of the Tyabb Yabbies is a step down from the AFL!? Where would you get such an idea!