Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The drought is over...

Well, after approximately 140 reserves games at the Yabby Pond, I've finally cracked ot for a game in the ones! You beauty! Fair task playing on Sorrento's Full Forward, 6'5 130kg Ronald McDonald, but I'll give it a red hot n rhonda.

Somebody asked if I was more stoked about playing ones or winning $98 000, had to think about it! Short term I'm more stoked to be playing ones but I think the $98 grand will help me just a tad more int he long term!


Anonymous said...

Good onya Digger :)
- Andy

B.C. said...

Congrats mate. Maybe, one day, you'll get to play against me. I play for the Malaysian international team. Jealous?

We mainly play Auskick teams. Totally. Win. Every. Week.

Anonymous said...

Digger has hit the big time...surely this pays better than game shows?

Maybe you should play for Richmond...they could do with a decent fullback.


Jono said...

Ah, Ben, you play for the malaysian international team? They have AFL? Wow!

Digger, you should so go and play for Richmond. But not Richmond. Essendon. I would have to want you to lose all the time if you played for Richmond.

Digger said...

Yeah I've heard about this team Chong-apparently you're like the ruckman and such?

Na not quite better than gameshows yet Mitch! I'm not quite that good!

I'd probably have to shoot myself in the foot if i played for Richmoind or ssendon so I could get a purple heart and leave!

B.C. said...

Yes I play for the team. Yes I am the ruckman. I am also known as the 'Enforcer'. Mainly because I'm the only member of the team considered 'heavy', weighing in at 58 kilos. ha.