Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Freakin Book of Revelation

Every year we read it in VETAMORPHUS and I have as little or worse of an idea about what it's all about than the students, I try look into it for a while but then find it all too confusing! I put it in the 'it doesn't affect my faith' department, and leave it, which is probably not great, but thats the way it is at the moment.

It's just such a confusing book!


some girl said...

Oh how I agreeeeeeeee.

It's finished now though.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I haven't tried...Though even if it is incredibly hard to read/understand im sure we can still learn something from it.

some girl said...

It's hard to tell when they're speaking metaphorically or literally or darkalley. Wait, no dark alley.
It's confusing.

Anonymous said...

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