Monday, May 21, 2007

Leaving Home

Life was never good to me... Haha, anybody who knows me and my life will know that's a complete lie, but I just really like that song! Anybody who doesn't know the song needs to go do some research on Aussie 90's Rock, it's a great track.

Anyways, so my Mum's place is ont he market, and they're moving half an hour up the road to Lyndhurst to a place that Mum ans Alexander designed. It seems like a pretty solid place, lots of room and what not, but unfortunately not in the right area for me.

The problem is, my whole life is down on the Peninsula, school, footy n cricket, church, all my friends, everything. I have to head out for study, but the majority of my time is down this way.

But obviously the problem then is that I have to potentially pay rent somewhere, plus do all my own cooking and cleaning and what not, but it's probably about time I got onto that sort of stuff. Just the whole needing to learn to live on my own is part of the reason i want to move out too, life at hom e was too easy, time for some new challenges I felt.

So at the moment, the plan is to do as much house-sitting as possible. I just really hate the idea of renting, and want to avoid it at all costs. I've got the next couple of months lined up; and if anybody is interested in a house sitter-just let me know :)! I was going to register with an agency or something, but will try and avoid it just through speaking with friends etc.

Plenty of funny stories to tell about my domestic skills, and lack thereof, but will save that for another time...


Captain Best said...

This is amusing. You should set up a camera in a house you're staying in, record a day, and post it on You Tube. You would get your dream of being on Big Brother, only better.
I am the king of the best ideas ever. You should so do this.

Anonymous said...

Rent is tough to avoid. You could pay your way at Kittens!!!

i am da man, i am you, if i am you then your typing this? Maybe everyone is everyone? said...

haha no way can u ever house sit my might blow something up!

B.C. said...

"Leaving Home" was the first song I ever saw on TV. It was a live performance by Jebediah on some 'top of the pops' aussie version on ABC. A long time ago.

I can safely say, that they now acknowledge me as the unofficial band leader.

Rent is not that bad though. It's got awesome songs and a pretty good storyline. Seasons of Love is coolness. Jono knows. Oh wait. That's the musical.

I've never had to rent. Perhaps, you can live in my backyard. There's lots of grass and room for you to roam around, convenient toilets/bushes, fresh air, and I would feed you in a bowl every night. Or whenever I felt so inclined. But I refuse to wash you.

B.C. said...

That was such a good comment. Ha. Did this one ruin it?

No way. Computer says... value just went up INFINITY!

Estelle b. said...

woohoo! movin out!
I'm sure things will turn out great for you Digs- all the best aye. Heaps of prayers and peace and joy and love and Joyness to you.


Captain Best said...

Yes, I know. Seasons of love. Good.

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