Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Spider-Man 3

Top quality movie, some really brilliant big themes about internal battles, about choices, about where our decisions take us, forgiveness, reconciliation and revenge.

Some very dubious plot jumps, bad jokes and terrible over-acting by some of the extras and side actors, and is a bit long, but still totally worth seeing it.

Is definitely one of those movies you could easily pull apart for a couple of weeks with some relevant Bible passages and what not, which no doubt somebody somewhere on the internet with more time than me can do.


Anonymous said...

ok gud themes...but what happened in the middle of the movie? And whats with some of the lines - worst dialogue EVER!!!! Ah well, hey whens your post coming bout shakers - i want to hear as ive never been.



Digger said...

Yeah I dunno, it did go missing for a while there, and yeah, plenty of dodgey lines and acting hey.

You should check it out for yourself dude, but I will endeavout to post up my thoughts soonish. Am flat knacker at the moment.

B.C. said...

God themes? In Spiderman?...

Maybe Jesus is actually in the Justice League. Possibly also actually 'Zordon' - that giant face in the tube in Power Rangers. Our God. Is. An. Awesome. God...and might just be a web-slinging Power Ranger too.

Anonymous said...

did it allready, discussion sheet up on blog :)