Thursday, June 14, 2007

Church and Free Time

Just the other day I was talking to some friends who are in a similar sort of smaller church community to me, very much like the Huddle.

One girl was talking about how she was loving being in her new community, because having come out of a larger church she was just loving having more time to connect with those outside the church, get involved with her community and other mission type stuff.

The other dude was talking about how he was loving it because it just free'd up his weekends so he could pretty much do whatever he wanted, and didn't have to be tied down with church stuff.

I was thinking about it afterwards, and have spoken to them since, cos I just really felt the second dude was missing the point. For me, yeah it's great not being tied up with as much church stuff as i may have been in the past, but thats not about my wants for spare time, it's because it gives me more time to spend with people outside the church etc.

I just reckon it's a really key difference, and I'm a little over people who are just into the EC church scene cos it makes them feel nicer, thats just not the point.


Anonymous said...

Still waiting on your post about syg night rallies etc...

from the man next door

Esky said...

I rekon it's really important in any church to make sure that the benefits of being in such a church is never the focus and the reason we go to it.
It's so easy to see the benefits, the lights, and things that stand out- but without going deeper, past that then church is simply a reason to meet up and say you're doing something right.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes the liberty we deliver, having our faith fairly sorted, becomes licence for those whose faith is less sorted.