Monday, June 18, 2007

The Congo

I was at a training sesh for the MakePovertyHistory ZeroSeven Road Trip thing I'm going on in a couple of weeks, and heard many good and interesting things. One of them was hearing Tim Costello-CEO of World Vision speak.

He was basically saying that the situation in Congo is pretty much messed up, with like millions of people having died due to internal wars and resulting food shortages and such. Pretty messed up, but whats worse, is why they can't do anythitng about it.

So he reckons they could raise say $10 million dollars for the Congo, but because nobody currently knows about it or anything, it would require like $5 million in advertising and media coverage etc, which for those who struggle with maths-is a 50% overhead.

So in that 'industry' the average overheads are 22%, World Vision's being 20%. If they were to get stuck into fundraising for the Congo then they would get absolutely belted by the haters in the media who are always looking for an excuse to talk about how dodgy charities are etc.

It's a pretty terrible situation I reckon, but just seems to be the reality at the moment...


B.C. said...

The Congo's one of so many Digs. I'm not one to get really emotional about this stuff, but I care heaps about it.

I guess, this is one of the things that scares so many young people. They hear about the devastation, and then they hear that even established frontrunners like World Vision can't deal with it, and think, "Well what the hell do I do then?"

I'm still finding that answer. But at least the more people that know is a start isn't it? After all, we share our stories and experiences with God, why don't we share what we know about these global issues too? Isn't it what God would want?

Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

This is part of the reason why I cringe every time I hear some group complaining about the AID agencies. Every time you whine about them they have to shift how they do things so they can try and still do some good. But every hoop they jump through limits their effectiveness. Once you decide to require them to be of a certain effectiveness they can't do something they should be.

Mim said...

Oh so jealous!

How much fun- stupid research or I'd be doing it too!

Do you get to go to all the concerts or just Vic?

And is Bendigo really the closest to Melb?- was going to go but thats just a bit far away.

Yeah it's funny/sad really, how the media just leaves out stuff- eg Sudan stuff, we hear almost nothing about that- but US invading middle eastern countries is constantly in the news.

Anonymous said...

Digs 100% agreed, you heard that and it makes you sick. I think this is when us as people 'on the ground' have to do something about it, we have to get the message out that things need to change. Anyway was great to see you at training, so unexpected! (not in a bad way!)

To mim - because it is a roadtrip the idea is to take the message to regional areas and to marginal seats so that it can make maximum impact in urging the government to give 0.7% GNI. We only go to the bendigo concert and the main one with all other ambassadors in sydney.

But YOU CAN STILL DO SOMETHING!!! for more details!!!

Hows your little challenge going with that?


Digger said...

yeah totally Chong, of course that's what Gow would want, even though I use that phrase sparingly as we so rarely know.

yeah Mim, Bendigo is so not that far-get on it!

Struggling with my challenges Mitch, but getting there!

Mim said...

Thanks Mitch, not going to pretend I understand the politics behind that- and why then does Sydney and Perth get concerts?

Anyway it's good that the country gets a shot.

Going would pritty much mean screwing up 5yrs worth of uni- or at least having to repeat this year and I'd really prefer not to do that. MPH and me are just not meant to be!