Thursday, June 28, 2007

Make Poverty History-ish Facts

Before i go I thought I'd better impart some of my new found wisdom on the world.

So, the aim is to get the Government to give 0.7% of our Gross National Income, we currently give about 0.28%. Second worst in the developed world. Which is kinda strange considering that individually we're the second best givers...

Be good if our Government's actions were in line with the people on this one...

Australia would only have to give another 30% of our massive $13 billion budget excess to reach 0.7%.

They have worked out that the bare minumum it costs to live in the world is $1.08 cents a day, and if all the developed countries gave their 0.7% every year every single person would be at this standard. This cost includes food, paying for infrastructure, medical etc etc. That works out to be $124 billion. Not much out of the combined income of the 21 richest countries-20 trillion dollars!


Anonymous said...

18th out of 22 most developeed countries OECD i think they're called.

On top of those facts the equivalent of 0.7% of GNI per person works out to be $1.63 a day - or less than a cup of coffee, it isnt going to kill us to give up this money. I could go on forever...but i must do face up.

the end.
So excited.

Anonymous said...

Appreciate the need for generosity and totally agree that .28% GNI is a fairly poor effort... however... I'm convinced that more and more money is not the answer! It is the way the money is spent that is most important, and I would love Australia to be focusing it's resources on how best to spend its money before it drastically increases it.

In Malawi, the E.U. have a multi-million dollar building that is plonked in the middle of African poverty. It is rediculously extravagant- made almost entirely of glass! How impractical for Africa! They drive the latest 4wd's and get paid an absolute packet to be there... to do "volunteer work!"

What value is there in comparing our own financial contributions to world justice issues against this kind of foolish behavior? I don't see the amount we give as being an accurate measure of our generosity... we need also to think about where the money is going. Is it being invested into programs and people that build the capacities of a nation- helping them out of their poverty- or is it going into senseless luxuries like the E.U building... or worse, into contributing to the culture of arms out-stretched for the next handout from the "mzungu."

What I do love about the Make Poverty History campaign is the attempts to end the cycle of capitalism that keeps the poor poor and the rich rich. It challenges me to think about who has worked a 16hr day so that I could have these Levis, who has been abused so that I could drink this coffee, who is going hungry so that I can maintain my daily Greenseas yellow-fin in olive oil intake!

There's other great stuff too, and other stuff that gets me annoyed...but this is your blog not mine!

Rant over.

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