Monday, June 04, 2007

My first goal in 7 years!

You beauty! I think I may have kicked one about 5 years ago in the Reserves, but the last one I definitely kicked was in my very first game of U/18s was back in 1999! Since then I've only spent 5 quarters in the forward line out of like 7 seasons of football! But I love playing in the backline, told the coach that he better not take this as a sign to play me up there in the future, it's just no good.

May allow myself to drift forward in SYG Rec Footy this year, but other than that, backline is the way to go for me.


Esky said...

A roar of applause to you my friend. You never know, with your recent streak with fame, you might just "go for gold" on this one... :oP

On footy, I've decided to hunt down a team follow properly... At the moment the majority say Bombers, collingwood, hawks... and some other teams... But yeah, any suggestions other than the mighty yabs?


Jono said...

ESTELLE: Do not support one of those teams that have the majority of followers: e.g. Bombers, Collingwood. I hate it how so many people jumped on the band wagon for Essendon. I was with them form the start, and now appear like I'm just anotehr of the mass.

Yes, backline is good. but oyu should still shoudl eb kicking goals. No passing any more, just kick a goal from the backline. That would impress everybody, and be fairly helpful to the rest of your team, in that it would save them from having to run everywhere. Now, all you have to do is master your long range kicks. Very long range kicks!

B.C. said...

Pfft Jono that bandwagon argument is so bad. Because from the start was just from when you could consciously make a thought, and even then, you were probably influenced by your family. The family bandwagon.

So Esky, go for Bombers. Because Collingwood are ugly bumfaces. Yes. Not a single bit of discrimination there.

Anonymous said...

Go for western bulldogs coz no one really likes them and they need all the support they can get. dont go for essendon, or collingwood. hawks, melbourne, bulldogs, kangaroos. choose out of them!

Digger said...

Yeah Esky go for Collingwood, at least they're always in the news! Plus people will either love you or hate you-either way its a good conversation starter!

Everybody dislikes Collingwood, just like Jesus was in his day, so one day I suspect Collingwood will be recognised as Saviours of the world and such!

Yeah Jono I'm working on those kicks...will perfect them at SYG!