Monday, June 04, 2007

What's with this Madeline chick?

Am I a little insensitive to be annoyed at the mass media coverage this little girl gone missing is getting? Why is she any more important than the thousands of other people who go missing worldwide? Why don't we see this much coverage for any kid that goes missing? Why is she so important?

Perhaps I'm a little cynical, but it just annoys me when everybody tries to get on board and pretend they care about this, when if they really cared about missing people they'd be sending emails around all the time...


B.C. said...

Cynicism is ok, but it's good that she at least gets something. One of millions that don't, is better than none of millions.

But you're right. I guess the way this was approached just led to more people finding out about it. The thousands of people that go missing all the time would require people to go searching for news about them. The stuff about Madeleine has been brought to them. It's much easier to care like that, like how the tsunami got mass coverage.

Unknown said...

I'm with you Digger. The media loves to jump on a story and drum up a bit of sympathy.
I felt a bit the same about little baby Catherine that was dumped at the hospital. Sure, it's a bit rough but what about all the other kids out there who are still living with messed up parents who beat them? Or all the other kids who get rejected from their family. In some respect, Catherine is very lucky because she will never experience the abuse that so many kids suffer. And she has a nice new house!

karyn said...

I agree and disagree... every person is important, maybe by bringing Madeline's story to the world it will make people think about the many others who are suffering or maybe they'll just see one cute little girl with blond hair. It's like the starfish story; you can't throw them all back before they dehydrate in the sun but you can save one at a time.

Digger said...

Yeah thats an interesting thought Chong, 'much easier to care' same as starving cute African kids rather than poor homeless old men and such.

Yeah good point about the Catherine thing too Brad-nice blogs bythe way, will try check em out sometime.

Yeah true Karyn, it could be either, who really knows hey.