Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Funeral Home Visit

This morning I had my first experience-other than for a funeral, of checking out a funeral home and speaking to the people there about what's invloved with preparing and running a funeral, about what needs to happen after somebody dies, about burial and cremation options and learnt a bit about the embalming process.

All very fascinating stuff. Answered lots of questions and left me feeling a lot more prepared for when i have to deal with that, which is hopefully not anytime soon.

But it just highlighted the importance of dealing well with grief, we so rarely do in our culture, it's massively swept under the carpet. And the importance of good pastoral care, and the sensitivity required when preparing a funeral, they're all so different.

Was interesting hearing them talk about what people say at the funerals of 'dodgey' people, and how it's actually important to not just gloss them up, but acknowledge they may have done some pretty bad stuff in their life.

The main thing the funeral celebrant left us with was the importance of people's stories, a funeral should be like 80% their stories, was just affirming of the role and importance of stories in people's lives. A morning well spent.


B.C. said...

Is that the same thing that Sime did? Are you studying together?

Do you think you'll ever lead a funeral?

Digger said...

Yeah was the same one.
He was doing the subject, I just went for the visit.

Yeah na I'll totally have to do funerals, I see myself being in ministry a while so will no doubt come across them.

It's such a huge thing for people, and it's so important for people, so in a strange way it'd be an honour to do.

Not a fun thing, but something necessary, and so important to be handled well.

B.C. said...

I'm amused you wrote 'Yeah na'. You type the way you speak. Except I never say that.

I can understand how it might be an honour, but it is defs not something I'd want to do regularly. And I am thinking about ministry. so. hmmmm

Digger said...

Yeah clearly not something you'd do regularly, not for like another 40 years anyway.

P.S. I think my willingness to do funerals puts me one up in our minister-off...

B.C. said...

PS I never said I wouldn't do it. But all the same, I think my willingness to be humble and not flaunt ministryoff points puts me ten times up...

But that comment just put me nine times down.

Which makes us about even.

Digger said...

Yeah agreed, we are about even.

But my willingness to accept your offer of even-ness puts me up a point, but boasting about it back down again...

I think we definitely need an external judge....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Matt 23:11-12 decides?

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