Thursday, July 26, 2007

Keep your old letters

Man I had such an enjoyable morning this morning. Was the only fun part of all this moving business.

I had a drawer at home with all my old letters and cards from the last few years, which I decided to sort through and throw out anything that was no longer worth keeping.

And so to do that I had to read all my old cards and letters, man so many good memories! Birthday cards from people I no longer see, love letters from high school (man I'd forgotten how immature I was back then!!) encouraging notes from people, letters from friends who I used to write to, man it was great.

In some ways, it was a wasted morning as it totally slowed down my unpacking and re-packing, but in another way was the best morning ever!

There was a dearth of encouraging letters from two people in particular, reminded me how important encouraging others is, I'm so the worst ever at it!