Friday, August 10, 2007

Ethics and Morals

Was having an interesting discussion with a few kids at said workshops the other day, about girls and relationships and how we view chicks n porn etc. Obviously with high school boys that age there's some varying opinions on the whole deal.

I was talking about howlittleI think of porn,in fact how much I hate it,and how by us looking at it we are actively supporting the culture that says women are just nice things to look at, about the massive problem of the over sexualisation of youth culture, of the huge problems of sexual assault and all that. Basically just getting them to think a little more broadly about the consequences of the way they treat chicks.

But then one of the guys was like, 'well, what if they want to be looked at in that way,what if they want to be in porno's etc' which deeper reasons why they do aside, many women do.

And I'm a fairly 'liberal' in this area, in that I reckon everybody should have free choice to do what they want,so as much as I despise the porn industry, or smoking,or whatever else,I stilldon't think that it should be my right to say people can't do that.

But then how far does that extend? Cos you look at Amsterdam,who are pretty much the epitomy of a permissive society,and that hasn't really done a great deal of good for them-that place is pretty messed up. But neither do I think a Puritan appraoch is the way to go.

Still not sure where I stand on it all,is a whole lot of grey areas there.


B.C. said...

Digs, this is the stuff we talk about in my Philosophy of Sex class.

Lots of stuff raised there like:

- What about the sexual objectification of men in the flicks?
- Why is pornography exactly wrong? Is it because of the submissive culture created? But what if the women/men are wanting to submit?
- Is there a scale of how wrong, or wrong at all, in pornography? Like relatively (ha) tame classifications to extreme stuff?
- and lots more.

It's really interesting but such an invitation for people to get on their soap boxes and preach at everyone else. Most tutes leave me wanting to tell everyone to shut up haha. It's not constructive discussion, it's just throwing opinions at each other.

PS. I don't refer to girls as 'chicks'. Unsure why, but perhaps some part of me thinks that's not the right way to refer to females either? Haha. I'm probably old fashioned that way.

Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

I do love this broad topic (is everything ok if everyone is consenting) as it is very philosphical.

I feel sorry for the German judge who had to preside over the case involving that guy who wanted to be eaten. There aren't any easy answers.

Anonymous said...

I watched a documentary on 'Debbie does Dallas'(the interviews 30 years on) Surprisingly everyone who particpated in the movie feels guilt or shame as a result and regretted doing it. Often the woman are just there to support a drug habbit. By watching Porn you are keeping them there.

Digger said...

Sounds like an interesting class, no doubt you'd have some different opinions there mate!

You should ask em that one I sent you today!!

Yeah its funny on the chicks thing, Cindy always uses it so I reckon I've got it off her!

Yeah that German case would have been a tough one. Cos surely you have to go that no matter what people say there still has to be stuff society says is wrong, like kids who are underage wanting to have sex, but we as a society still go na, you need to be a certain age.

I dunno Anon, ur prob right, but its perhaps an over-generalisation?

Anonymous said...

"and how by us looking at it we are actively SUPPORTING THE CULTURE that says women are just nice things to look at, about the massive problem of the over sexualisation of youth culture" -
this could be applied to so many other industries of the world and aspects of life...

many of which i know for certain that many would disagree with - eg. drinking/alcohol - which basically encourages that industry and culture which is the beginning of so problems (depression/mental issues, violence etc) for not only the youth of today, but also contributes to divorces, abuse etc etc etc

or even the coffee industry, one which when you buy into it (well about 80-90%) ends ripping off farmers/workers in third world countries.

by no means am i supporting pornography, or trying to tear down the coffee/alcohol industry, and i completly agree that people have free will... but there definitely does need to be a point where the line is drawn.....

but how much that should be compromised?? when talking about alcohol, drugs, pornography smoking etc etc etc that tat depends on your culture, faith, life experience... everyone will have a different opinion.


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