Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Sweet Kids Ministry Band

A few good mates of mine are part of a pretty sweet kids band called Snack Music.

They play really good quality fun music for kids, do it all voluntarily, and any money they raise always goes straight back into supporting different missions organisations around the place.

They have CDs and that, play at churches and conferences and also have these sweet little mini-discs which have a few songs and games etc-the games a re great fun!

So if you've got kids or are in kids ministry, then they're totally worth checking out, click the link above if you're keen.


Jono said...

If you look up the website for Snack under "Who is Snack", or the credits on the mini-CD, you'll find my name as well! Yesss!
This band definately is very awesome. I cannot wait until their second music CD comes out.
I also know two members of this band fairly very well, and they are very awesome people who I respect much, and I think that they;ve put together this group is so awesome.
In fact, I am willing to say I know one of the band's members so much, that we are like this: (Insert picture of hand and fingers [index and ring] crossed.)

B.C. said...

Brendan, Jono, Matt and I did a barbershop version of the Whistle Song. How you like us now?

some girl said...

Yes, I'm related to three quarters of that band!

Anonymous said...

People should read this.

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