Wednesday, August 22, 2007


With my new found financial flexibility I have been contemplating travelling over to Africa to visit a great friend of mine TJ who's over there doing speech pathology, and hopefully run some sports clinics or do some such worthwhile thing whilst I'm there.

Looked into prices a little bit, and realised that it may well be only a few hundred dollars more to keep travelling around the worls, visit some friends in the UK and Europe and maybe in the States. It's interesting reflecting on my process of working out where I want to travel, cos its all about seeing friends rather than seeing places. Would only be another 3 weeks, as I'd have to be back for school etc.

But anyway, am just struggling a bit witht he whole idea of doing that much travel, as I'm just not really sure it's a wise way to spend money, as at the end of the day it's just a fairly selfish thing. There's really no two ways about it for me, it just seems a tad selfish, so not sure what to do about all that.


Gareth Williams said...

I think it would be selfish if you made it that way.
But I reckon you've got enough self awareness to make the trip about discovery and learning.
It may be a chance for you to learn about the world and yourself.

Anonymous said...

if you to visit tj (give her my love!) you will be doing stuff and thats not selfish. you work hard here in everything you do so taking a break and visiting friends (after TJ!) people wont think your selfish!

Anonymous said...

Ohh something I know a lot about- which according to you makes me uber selfish :)

it all depends on motives... token response right back at ya!

Pracitically- from Africa with only 3 weeks I'd either do Europe or America but not both (prob Europe), also depends what part of Africa (eg Egypt end of Afric- close to Europe).

Guess if you're just going to see people who you'll see in a few months anyway then prob not worth the money.

HaHa, and if your just worried about others thinking you're selfish then that a whole other problem.
I got the travel bug at a young age and highly recommend, but do see your point and if you feel strongly about it then maybe its best not to go- or you might come down with it to.

Mim :)

B.C. said...

What if you do something good in each place you visit? Like spend a day helping at an orphanage or a soup kitchen or something? That way, you do something good eveyrwhere you go, and get to do fun things too. Winner!

Anonymous said...

You are probably one of the most selfish blokes i know!!!

Digger said...

Yeah na thats prob a fair call Gaz, that makes sense.

Yeah Jo will pass on greetings to TJ!

Haha yeah fair call Mim-thanks for the token response!

Na not really concerned if other people think its selfish, thats never bothered me, it's just been justifying it to myself really.

Yeah am thinking something along those lies Chong, will see how I go.

Anonymous said...

Thing about it -

a world trip in an aeroplane expends the same amount of green house gases as an average family expends (is that a word?) over a TOTAL of 3 years.

This isnt a random crap stat. its true, there was an article about it in the age or herald last week.

Just another thing to think about...

I vote go to africa and spend the time there that u were going to spend in europe and usa as well...thus getting to know the place and people just that little bit better. and less flights.

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