Wednesday, September 05, 2007


Has been interesting watching the debate over this show interesting last two weeks. The usual conservative Christian groups coming out condemning it as filth and the civil libertarians saying that we should get over it and that people can watch wahtever they want.

I find myself in an interesting position on stuff like that, because I agree that it is unnecessarily sexual and is just smutty crap, but at the same time admit that people should really be allowed to watch that kind of stuff if they want.

I don't agree completely with the whole 'if you don't like it just turn it off' argument, as I believe if you go too far down that path then why not just have whatever porn people want to watch on the TV? Where does it stop? It has to stop somewhere, thats why we have a TV censorship board etc.

And why are people are so angry about this and not other shows,it doesn't seem to show anything more explicit than any other TV show, it's just the regularity. So if we as a society think its OK to see boobs on TV then do we have a right to stipulate how many times?

Interesting to think about.


John M said...

Yeah I read about how there were people having prayer vigils outside Ch10, I think the problem today is that there are a lot of parents who will let there kids watch anything on tv and there are plenty of tvs in bedrooms these days where parents would find it hard to control what their children actually watch, if I was a 13 year old boy with a TV in my room and didn't know any better I would be tuning in for sure. At least now I know what's not good for me. It's like the internet, it's not what is on tv but can you keep children's eyes from it, maybe the government can make a tv filter too.

Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

In many ways I feel that the seperation between Church and State should be about what they try and do. Laws in general should be about protecting people from others. Churches are largely about protecting people from them selves.