Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Did it actually happen?

Was having a discussion in class today about the Gospels story about Jesus and the withered fig tree. One version is in LKuke and I forget where the other is.

The lecturer was talking about that he thought one might have been a parable and one an actual story, he wasn't sure, but that doesn't really matter, will look into that later.
Anyways, it got me thinking. Would it actually matter if that story actually happened? Does it not have value even just as a story, and perhaps something to teach us regardless.

It sounds weird, but just because it didn't actually happen, does it make it actually less 'true'?

And not just this story, what about stuff like Jesus walking on water. What difference would it make if it was just a story the Gospel writers used to tell thes tory of Jesus having power over the water or something like that? In one way it wouldn't matter, but in one it would.

Very raw tjhoughts at the moment, but just something to think about.


B.C. said...

What about the entire story of Jesus? I blogged about it. Go. Now.

Of course, I do believe that Jesus existed. But like you write, and your lecturer proposes, can't the stories still hold some value or worth even if they aren't literally true? I think so.

Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

I'm sure most of the bible didn't happen as described. That doesn't make it any less important or insightful.
It's no different to when your listening to a preacher tell a great illustrative story. The general gist of the story probably happened, but it is a caricature of it self so that it gets its point across more accurately.

Did Jesus walk on water to reach the boat in the storm? I don't care. I do like to know that Jesus can reach me in my darkest hours. Isn't that more important than some random miracle?

Take two super heroes, the first can walk on water, the second can give you the strength to carry on in any situation. The former is only useful if your in a boat, the second has your back in any situation.

I know which fan boy cape I'll be wearing.

Digger said...

Yeah nice work Chong, good post. I don't know about your tone though, I feel like you're ordering me around as if I'm working in some sort of slave trade!

Where did you learn that from?

Yeah I'm not convinced that the stories would hold the same weight if they were all completely made up, as opposed to just partially, if that makes sense.

So, because i know the stories are rooted in some truth, I'm not fussed about the details, but if they were all just figments of somebody's imagination-that would be a different story.

And the funny thing is Gareth, I really can see you wearing a fan boy cape :)

Digger said...

And yeah I really like the analogy about the walking on water too.

Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

Yeah, my opening sentence might have been slightly too abrupt, I think it was missing an 'exsactly': "I'm sure most of the bible didn't happen exsactly as described"

B.C. said...

I understand the weight business, I believe in that too. Was it really ordering around? I dunno. Stop. Whipping. Me. Already.