Thursday, September 06, 2007

Very Addictive Game!!

This is so simple, yet so addictive, I've only done it 4 times and I'm hooked! They reckon over 18 seconds is decent!


emmalee said...

im still trying.
yes, addictive.

emmalee said...

just to clarify.
did it one more time- 18.056.

Gareth LovesTha Pye said...

~10 trys got me up to 22 seconds :)

Gareth Williams said...

First try- 43.33 seconds.
Is that good then?

Anonymous said...

Started yesterday and i'm still going! Will let you know when i've finished my first attempt. Is that good?

Kirst said...

21.063 adictive, yes.

Digger said...

Not bad Pfeff, I'm currently at 19 seconds. Smack that.

Not bad Gareth 1, Gareth 2 I won't believe it until I see a screen print out!