Friday, October 12, 2007

Holy Spirit Digger 1

Since it's been about a month now, and I have the class agian tonight, I thought it about time I got around to writing up my thoughts from my Ministry of the Holy Spirit class.

Now those of you who know me will know this is not an area I'm particularly experienced in, and it's fair to say-have been quite skeptical about.

Not that the Holy Spirit is there, and can do stuff, and effects things, but probably more just skeptical about everything else that goes on around people who are 'into the Holy Spirit stuff.' I hope that doesn't sound condescending, but I dunno, I generally think fairly differently to most of my Pentecostal friends about the Bible, Church, Mission-all sorts of stuff.

Plus all the crazy 'Spirit-filled' televangelists I see didn't really help my perceptions :)

I believe the Spirit lives in all those who actively follow Jesus, but obviously it is a realm that some focus on more than others.

I'm quite happy to admit I have some baggage around all the HS stuff, some legitimate, some just me and my issues.

So, going into this weekend was a real battle for me to stay open to it all, and see what God was on about here, and not just let my prejudices get in the way.

So off I went, with an open mind...

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Anonymous said...

Had a good book many years ago - 'Charisma vs Charismania'. Charisma is the real outworking of the Holy Spirit - gifts and all. Charismania is man-made excess ... guess you've seen that too.