Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Less and less time on the net.

Have noticed lately that I need to spend less and less time on the internet. Not that I do a lot anyway, but have noticed how much of an escape mechanism it can be for me, particularly myspace and facebook.

When i have pressing tasks, or more importantly have important things I need to think about and process and reflect on, I tend to just want to get on the net and write useless crap messages to people, instead of dealing with the real issues.

See on the internet I don't have to deal with the parts of me that I need to work on, that aren't how they should be. I can choose to only respond to messages that are easy and fun to write about, and leave the difficult ones for later. It is so easy for me to create this persona that looks like I have it all together.

But thats not the real me. I have issues I need to deal with, I have people I need to confront, people I need to encourage. On the internet I'm not accountable to anybody, I'm not forced to face the hard stuff, but in life I have to.

So I'm using myspace and facebook less and less, because the real Digger needs more time spent than the online Digger.