Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Cynicism vs Skepticism

Were having many interesting discussions last night at the Huddle, one of which centred around the story of Peter walking on water, and what we have faith in etc. This then somehow lead on to healing, and Christian people that have the gift of healing etc, which was quite interesting, as I'm currently writing an essay on that subject.

Anywho, I mentioned that I think it is OK to be skeptical about that sort of stuff, it is real, but does need to e taken witha grain of salt, as there are also people out there who fake it and manipulate it etc-either willingly or unwillingly.

But I also think, in my experience, being cynical, can just be a negative in your own life. I've found if I'm too cynical about stuff like that, i can shut myself off to the fact that God is bigger than what I understand, it means my concept of God is in a box.

I'm still skeptical about a lot of stuf that goes on in the Christian world, but am finding cyncism less andless helpful, as I'm the one who loses out.


Anonymous said...

It always amazes me, that most Christians seem to take extreme positions regarding healing, when I would have thought that the James 5 scenario, (of elders being called to anoint the sick) should be far more widely practised than it is. I have (with others) done this twice this year, with both people experiencing significant relief. Not of our power, just acts of faith by lowly servants of Christ.

Anonymous said...

my little digger is growing up!!!!

haha, don't mean to sound patronizing, we're obviously all growing...but i'm just very excited digs, cos of all these recent blogs, and your recent sermons, and the way that you're so open about your growth and stuff!!! it's really admirable, and i'm stoked that you're learning so much!! yeah!
love mase

John M said...

When I lived in Ballarat I met this guy who had a healing gift, the guy who ran our Uni christian group SFC was an accountant and did this guys taxes. So that was how we came accross him, a bunch of us went to his house once for a session on healing and it was really interesting. He used a real example by having one of us sit down on a chair with their legs out straight and then could see one leg would stick out slightly further than the other. Then he would say "in Jesus name i command this leg to move out", and thank Jesus repeatedly. Then we could see as he was just holding and supporting the leg with an open hand the leg move. Then do the same with the other leg.
He then got us to do this in pairs but with our arms. Same thing happened and we swapped one to the other. When i had my friend holding my arms and doing this i felt all the muscles in my back relax like i have never felt before, way better than any massage i have ever had.
Was a heaps interesting day and there is way more than what i could write here.
Christop might have been there too, can't remember though.