Friday, November 09, 2007

Red Frogs

At the suggestion of a couple of friends, i have finally got myself around to getting onboard with Red Frogs this year, which is gonna be mad.

For those who don't know, Red Frogs is basically a ministry to schoolies (kids who've just finished yr12) at different schoolies week locations all across Australia.

Basically you go down there and hang out witht he schoolies dudes, giving them red frogs, water and other food stuff to make sure they have something in their system other than drugs and alcohol.

You walk them home from the pub to make sure they're safe, or call taxis or whatever if need be. You play beach crciket and provide other alternate activities other than drinking, clean up their mess,a nd generally provide some pastoral care and support for them when things turn bad-as more often than not they do at schoolies.

You're just there serving a need, being the hands and feet of Jesus and helping out in any way possible. Definitely my style of ministry.

If you want to get on it you have till next Weds, so, get on it!