Friday, November 23, 2007

Street Preaching 2

Man I've been way slack on this lately, haven't even started to explain my Holy Spirit weekend from a couple weeks back.

Anywho, as a follow on from my meeting up with them a while back, my street-preaching friends invited me round to their joint for tea one night to watch this DVD that they felt was really important and had challenged their ideas about evangelism n stuff. Although I'm not generally a fan of the SP gear, i'm always open to different ideas and to hear why others think what they do.

So we ended up watching this DVD, just them, me, their minister and another guy from their church.

It ended up being less about why we should street preach, but more about the theology of why they do, so that was cool.

We had some great discussions about people only getting into their faith in a half-arsed way (I'm sure they didn't use those terms, but you know) and how just following Jesus to make you live a better life, or just following Jesus to get a seat in heaven, are both gross misappropriations of the Gospel.

I said I was very wary of 'lifeboat theology' which they acknowledged, which was cool.

The rest of the DVD was based on two presuppositions, neither of which i'm convinced of:

That we will all be judged by God using the 10 Commandments as the sole guideline. (Forgot to ask where exactly in the bible they got that from. You can make a good case for judgement, but am not sure The Big Ten are the sole basis).

The other is that the best way to convince people to be come Christians is to convince them they are a sinner and have broken aformentioned Big Ten. Again, not convinced. Not something Jesus seemed to do a whole lot of.

There was no real mention of Jesus other than that he has died for people's sins. No real mention of how He did evangelism/mission/life, which disconcerted me a tad.

No mention of the Kingdom of God, which considering it was the thing that Jesus talked about more than any other, seemed a little strange.

I relaise this 1 Hr video does not contain all of this church's beliefs and theology etc, but can only write on what I have seen. I only really talked with one minister from their movement so can not really make an accurate judgement.

Anyways, we had some great discussions about it all, and hopefully learnt a little from each other, and had great pizza. Was all good!


Anonymous said...

Glad you guys had meaningful fellowship. (Was pizza La Lupa?)

John M said...

yeah that WOTM stuff is interesting and some truth to it but not in love i think. Am assuming that is what it was.

John M said...

Hey Digger how long till your trip? Where are you off to?

Digger said...

Unfortunately pizza wasn't la Lupa, but Sofia's was pretty decent.

I forget the name od the organisation, but the dude was Richard Comfort. What's WOTM?

Leave next Sunday, am off to Malawi for a couple of weeks, then around Europe then the States.

Pretty whirlwind trip-back before Australia Day, but really looking forward to it!

Lionel said...

Please visit:

Hi Digger,

I have read your blog about the conversation we had.

You said: "There was no real mention of Jesus other than that he has died for people's sins. No real mention of how He did evangelism/mission/life, which disconcerted me a tad."
DUDE, how could you say that? Either you have forgotten a major portion of our chat, or worse still, you're lying!

We talked about Jesus with the rich young ruler, Jesus with the woman caught in adultery, Jesus with Nicodemus, Jesus with the woman at the well - all because you said that we relied on the teachings of Paul more than those of Jesus.

Here's a Kingdom of God verse for you, (from Jesus Himself): Mar 1:14-15 Now after that John was put in prison, Jesus came into Galilee, preaching the gospel of the kingdom of God, And saying, The time is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God is at hand: repent ye, and believe the gospel.

I'd like to discuss this more with you, however, it's a cheap shot to distort our conversation in the way you have.


Lionel said...

Hi ¿johnman¿

Yes it is the WOTM stuff.

I find it interesting that Bill Hybels has admitted that the whole approach that he fostered and published (known as seeker sensitive evangelism) is wrong. Read about it at: href=

What is the "some truth" in the WOTM stuff that you are talking about?

I'd be interested to hear your view on that.


Lionel said...

Digger, are you aware that you provide a link to a unitarian cult. This group denies the doctrine of the trinity, and goes so far as to call the Holy Spirit, (third person of the Godhead), a force.


Lionel said...

Hi again. I have since learned that the advert for that unitartian group was something provided by google. Please forgive my ignorance.

Digger said...

Hey Lionel, thanks for reading and commenting.

My comment about the references' to Jesus' life and ministry style was about the DVD, not our conversation. Sorry if that wasn't clear. Would you agree or do you still think thats an unreasonable call?

I too realise the limitations of this medium, and how unhelpful it can be.

I am happy to admit I may have forgotten parts of our conversation, but calling my integrity into question seems a tad unnecessary don't you think?

I'm sorry if my comments offended you in such a way that you felt it necessary to write using such strong language.

I'm happy to chat more about stuff, but will be a lil hard, as I'm writing this from a backpackers in Johannesburg, and won't b back for a few weeks!
I too use that Mark verse to talk about the Kingdom, but my point was that much KOG stuff wasn't mentioned in the vid.

I'm not making a judgement on you or your movement, just commenting on what I have seen.

And thanks for clearing up the link thing-had me confused!

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