Monday, December 17, 2007

Learning more about Malawi

Am having great fun bargaining with the local street vendors for t-shirts and presents for people and other stuff I need to buy here.

It's pretty much always the case that you pay like half the price the quote you-particularl when you are a muzungu (white person) the prices go up massively! It's kinda funny bargaining them down out of like 50c that they no doubt need more than you, but is just rude not to bargain.

Plus you don't want to perpetuate the stereotype that we are all rich because we are white and that they can charge whatever they want (even though it is kinda true!). Is a tricky one to explain.

Also still wrestling with what to do with all the begging etc on the streets, but have a similar policy here as in Aus-I will buy food but not give money. Particularly when there is so much extortion of the beggars.

Having plenty of conversations about the issues Africa faces, the place of aid vs development. The good thing is that people here know what they're talking about, not just people like me in Oz who know very litte and know it secondhand.

Plenty to learn here, and plenty of fun to be had too.

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