Thursday, December 13, 2007

Loving life in Lilongwe

Internet availability and reliability is very limited here, so thought I had better give just a quick update whilst I can.

Am currently in Lilongwe, Malawi staying with TJ, and loving it! It's a very laid back cruisey culture here, so suits me fine :)

Played a whole lot of soccer and suff with the kids yesterday-which they loved. It's amazing how excited they get about actually having a real soccer ball to play with! then will be doing footy stuff when the package I sent arrives-hopefully Saturday.

Everything about this place is so new and different, I love it! The kids are really friendly, and love practising their English with you. My Chicewa is struggling, but getting there!

Have danced around in the monsoonal rain, carried water on my head, visited a little vilage, and have a big list of other Malawian things on my list of to dos! Going to the market yday was great fun, had so many guys yelling out 'hey friend, hello boss, how are you?' trying to get me to buy stuff! Very funny. Am getting good at bartering too, great fun. Am trying to convince TJ to eat a little bug that all the kids eat with me tonight, but she's pretty soft, so might be alone there!

The work TJ does here is amazing though, just crazy. Something like 40% of kids over here have disabilities for a number of different reasons, yet this clinic is the only one in the country who works with these kids. There is still quite a lot of social stigma about kids with disabilities, so it is not uncommon for parents to abandon or want to kill the kids. Some of the money I raised has gone to buying a small toy for each child at their Christmas party tomo, so that will be great.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're finally playing real football. Stay off the 'jungle juice' at the Christmas party!

Anonymous said...

Hey Digs!
Must be great to see TJ again!!!!
Sounds so great, i'd love to visit!
look after yourself, and have the best Christmas ever!
Love Sarah.