Monday, January 14, 2008

London, OK, but not overwhelming...

In terms of big famous cities, Rome and Paris really do have it over London. I just realised how much of a travel tool I sound like saying that, but ah well. It's hard when talking about travelling to no be all 'ooh ooh, look at me, I'm so cool cos I've been to all these cool cities' cos those people totally annoy me.

It's like name-dropping for travellers, so annoying.

Anyway, didn't start to wite about that. London,not that impressive. Has some kinda cool stuff but nothing that has grabbed me. Stonehenge was intrigung, trying to work out how and why it is all there etc.

Best bit has just been hanging out with Lucas n Shaz though.

Saw a soccer game too which was fun, a bit below Premier Leaugue but still cool. League 2 for those who know, Brentford for Premiers I say!


Anonymous said...


Only kidding, I guess London is not for everyone, but didn't you see St Paul's? Or Tower Bridge? Or the National Gallery? Camden Town?

OK, now I'm being a travel tool...will shut up now ;-)

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