Sunday, January 20, 2008

New York and Iowa

Have swapped the big city lights of New York for small-town mid west America. Slightly different!

New York was awesome, fully loved it! The peoplewere mostly nice, I got free tickets to a Knicks game at Madison Square, cheap tickets to the ice hockey (totally my new favourite spectator sport!), Chicken Parma rolls and all sorts of cool stuff. Wandered around Times Square, saw Statue of Liberty-which isn't that big, and the Empire State building. Also ended up at this little Theatre/Drama/Impro club in some little street which was pretty funny. I jumped on a team with these randoms and we ended up winning which was fun, the picture is terrible but you can see it here

Was really good doing a tour of the WTC site, had a dude who was a firefighter on the day showing us around which was amazing. Was fascinating being able to put legs on all the pictures and stories you have heard. Was really worthwhile.

Now I'm just hanging out with my mates who lived with us two years ago, out in suburban Iowa. Is pretty relaxed, and just cool to be with mates. Have been eating heaps of American food, went and ate at a college dorm dining hall yesterday which was funny as, and hopefully going out sledding and playing in the snow today. Am like such a little kid with snow, its just so exciting and new for me! Still practising making snow angels and pee-ing my name in the snow!

And man, if I was American I would get so fat, they just have so much cheap junk food, and so many chocolate and peanut butter foods, it's awesome!