Friday, February 22, 2008

A Letter from Corey Delaney

Hi, this is Corey.

Despite what you may have recently read, seen, or heard in the media I am not throwing another house party. I have devoted considerable thought to the matter and I have come to the decision that my time and energy would be better spent finding a cure for redheadedness.

As many of you who are redheads or who live with redheads know, having red hair is a physically and socially debilitating disease. As a redhead I not only have to live with the fact that I'm pysically freakish but also with the fact that people treat me differently because of my deformity. Unlike the deaf, the blind, and the mentally retarded, people are acutely aware of my disability from the moment they see me - even though I am a complete tool, it disheartens me that people assume this to be the case even before I open my mouth.

As a result of my own personal experience and my first hand knowledge of other sufferers I have decided to set up the Corey Delaney Foundation for Ranga Research - a not-for-profit organisation charged with finding and destroying the gene for red hair. I intend to establish this Foundation using money raised from the sale of my 'famous' yellow sunglasses on eBay.

For those of you who are equally passionate about eliminating redheadedness I ask that you take this moment to consider whether you too want to make a difference in this world. If the answer is yes, please follow the link below and give generously; if the answer is no, please take pause to ponder this: red hair is a recessive gene.

For more info on redheads please check out