Friday, February 08, 2008

On being optimistic

As most of you who know me will know, I'm a pretty optimistic person in most areas of my life. It takes something fairly massive to make me really unhappy, and I can't even remember the last time that happened.

Obviously this also translates across to my faith, which is often a pretty good thing. I was chatting to a couple of different mates this week about how they're going through different tough times for different reasons. I was talking about how due to my optimistic outlook on life, when I'm going through similar tough times I tend to not let it stress me out, which is generally pretty cool.

So if things are not completely on track with me and the Big Fella (as is kinda the case now), I don't stress about it too much, cos I know that things will improve. I've been through tricky patches at times, and know I always come through the other side.

But maybe I don't take them seriously enough? Maybe because I know things will improve eventually I just get lazy and wait for that to happen, instead of putting in the hard yards.

How personailty types affect our spiritual life has often intrigued me, and so this is just another thing to think about.


Anonymous said...

Hang in there, Digs - the Bad Guy's thumb is definitely pressed on Franky at the moment. Perhaps u & Roh/Cin need a chat.

Esky said...

hey, hope you don't mind but I linked this post to one of mine.
cheers buddy!

Carola said...

*music flashes over the PA system*
Are you a bubbly and often cheerful character? Do you find it hard to be stressed? Well welcome to Earth, bound to settle the senses with destruction anyday...

Okay - so not really. I mean there sure is a big dose of issues in our world but funnily it doesn't drag us down. I wonder why? Us being those often known as the clown, the crazy character, the quirky one - the zany people who seem to wake up as if they've just had 5 cups of strong black sugary coffee.

I find it hard to wonder why people of less-zanyness get super stressed on a really regular basis. Sure, i've had my "its all out of my control" freak out days but then it's pretty easy to snap back.

Maybe because people of optimism and zanyness have the ability to really believe that things will be okay - and that its not actually just because of slackness. Some people really need encouragement from others to feel good, others remind themselves. There's a vast difference in personalities in our world because we should help each other - the Zany to the sad, the level-headed to the air-heads, the passionate followers of Christ and the ones who have some loose footings.

Its pretty cool to think about it really. Sorry i'm sort of stalking your blog again - I used to visit all the time and then had a break of all things blog-like.

Hope your well! Back to catch-up reading... :)


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