Friday, March 07, 2008

What impression do I leave people with?

Caught up with a really great friend/mentor/spiritual advisor yesterday, which was awesome, and left me with many things to think about.

One of them was the fact that after hanging with him, I am always left feeling inspired to spend more time on my spiritual life-prayer, meditation, reading Bible etc, which is always something I need encouraging in anyway.

It made me think about how people feel after they have hung out with me... A bit of a weird thought I know, but one I had nonetheless.

I remember a few years ago I tried to committ myself to helping other people feel better about themselves after whenever they hung out with me, but this is something I have been less and less aware of lately.

But I wonder what effect I have on people, without me having thought about. U.H. and F.B. this is prime time for you to leave a disparaging commnet, as I know you need little encouragement, but is just something I'm kicking around in my head.


Anonymous said...

Glad you're thinking more about this, Digs - wasn't impressed with the downsouth jox. You have a large sphere of influence, especially amongst juniors. That adds pressure, but gives you great opportunities.

B.C. said...

I hope F.B. stands for who I think it does. Ha.

I like hanging out with you because we laugh and are stupid and most likely too inappropriate, but switch it up to getting serious and talking personally very easily too. I admire that you talk to random people all the time and seeing that makes me want to do it. You do have a massive influence amongst younger people, which like the guy above said, is a big pressure - one that you didn't ask for.

That said, you know what things you personally need to work on, especially in relation to interaction with other people. I told you once that I thought you were being an idiot ha.

Whatever it is, you certainly seem to have left an imprint on most people I know that know you. You won't be able to win them all over first off, but if you keep having encounters it'll probably get better. Otherwise, just hit them.

... Wait.

Anonymous said...

everyone needs a head check every now and then. Can be easy to lose foucus and slip into patterns of self obsorbtion. Mine has been going for 30 years now!!!