Thursday, April 24, 2008


Have been reflecting again on the importance of ANZAC day to us Australians, and why it is we honour so much a battle we pretty much lost. Actually, did lose.

Is an interesting question I wasn't really forced to articulate until i met some Canadians overseas who didn't really get it.

The thing I came up with was basically about how young we were as a nation, and how it was the first war we entered as a country, and how that defined us int he eye of the world so much etc. Was amazing seeing how quiet and respectful the kids at school were yesterday. They really seem to get it.

Somebody asked if I would go with them to the dawn service, but to be honest, I feel a little ambivalent about it. And I feel just a little ashamed of that, i feel a tad Un-Australian.

I'm still struggling to articulate it, but after having been half way around the world to pay my respects, and seen Anzac Cove first hand, going along to the parade just feels all a little too routine and 'something I really should do'. If I'm just doing it because I 'should' then I'm not really interested.

It's kinda funny, but going to the footy-and more specifically, doing my minute's silence there, feels like it's a whole lot more appropriate this year.


Anonymous said...

Seems to me that there are two issues -what does AD mean to the community,and what are the implications for the church.For me AD is not a faith event as army chaplains portray it.

Anonymous said...

totally agree digs....the service at the MCG was so moving, i dont have the right words to describe how i felt, but did shed a tear or two, not uncommon for me, but you know what i mean!

steve said...

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