Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Christian response to Clairvoyancy...

A friend of mine spoke to me about this recently, and whilst we didn't have the chance to chat through our ideas on it, it got me thinking.

I remember at primary school being told that all of this sort of thing is evil and bad and we should not go near it. Even back then I thought that this sounded like a fairly extreme response.

I also know some Christians that go around to like Mind Body Spirit Festivals and talk to people about Jesus by explaining the themes in the Tarot cards and relating them back to Jesus (hard to explain, but is actually quite good quality contextualisation of the Gospel) and I'm still working out what I think.

One one hand, as I believe in God as a spiritual force for good, it make sense that there would be a spiritual force working against that, so I don't actually have a problem with believing that some clairvoyants can 'see' stuff that is beyond the scope of our human realm.

I believe that God is always bigger than any other spiritual force in the world, so in a sense we have nothing to worry about, but do need to realise that we can come under spiritual attack from stuff working against God, and that is very real and potentially harmful.

I also don't subscribe to the 'cold n flu spirit' theory that says if you go near anybody who is using evil spiritual forces you will automatically 'catch' a bad spirit.

This is by no menas my area of expertise, but is an area worth thinking about.