Thursday, April 24, 2008

What is prayer 2

I stole this post from Hamo, but have been thinking similar things myself for a while now, so just thought I'd use his words instead of mine :)

It seems a pretty standard trait of almost every church I’ve been a part of (including Upstream) that when it comes to praying in a group, we almost always ’share’ what’s going on (talk about it) and then when everyone’s had a turn we pray about it.

I have often wondered if the ’sharing’ isn’t actually the prayer and I have always felt a little weird telling God the stuff he just heard when he was present with us in the conversation.

Its almost as if we behave like he’s not in the room until we are officially praying.

And yet because of my long history of prayer in this form I would feel like I hadn’t ‘prayed’ if we just talked. Maybe this is something I need to unlearn?…

What do you think?

When are we actually praying?


Kathryn said...

Hey-sorry this isn' a comment about your actual post, just wanted to say that you have a very interesting blog and i'm glad i happened to discover it! :)

Rittnasty said...

Very interesting blog...I do have a random question for you though...In a post on Feb 21, 2007 you had a quote from Leo Tolstoy about stumbling on the path drunkenly. Do you know what book of his this quote originated from? I have been trying to track it down and can't seem to find anything. Thanks.

Buzz said...

Hey Digs,
Yea, I totally agree. I always cringe in groups when we say, 'anyone have any prayer points?' I may be a little cynical, but I actually think sharing prayer points sometimes turns into the good old 'show and tell', an opportunity for people to share what's been happening in their life. Not that there is anything wrong with that. And yea, isn't God part of the conversation before the prayer too? I've got no answers, but am with you on it.

Digger said...

Yeah thanks Kathryn, glad you enjoyed it.

Na sorry man, have got nothing on that Tolstoy quote. Sorry.
Is a good one though hey. Thanks for following my blog too, how did you find it from the States?

Nice work on the commenting too Buzz, love your work.
Sometimes we should just name it for what it is, sharing about our lives-which as you said-is fine.

But then i dunno, I also think there is something powerful in somebody else offering up prayers on your behalf. Dunno how, but is good stuff.

Rittnasty said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rittnasty said...

I was actually searching for that Tolstoy quote on Google and it led me to your sight and as a fellow believer I found your blog to be quite interesting.

John M said...

Yeah i totally relate to that whole "um was i just praying for what i just told you and did you just agree in prayer with me?"

It can be good to pray more than once for something and means those people are also aware to pray at other times during the week for the things shared.

But yeah is weird the way we can share things as if God doesn't know and now we have to tell him. I think it is because as you said we don't think about how God is present in our conversations.

Maybe more so the way we talk to others and the way we talk when we talk to God (pray) can be different.

I think that the whole thing of realising that God is right there with us, in us and not just up there somewhere makes a difference.

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