Friday, May 30, 2008

Aussie-Kiwi Love...

Sitting together on a train, traveling through the Swiss Alps, were a
Kiwi guy, an Australian bloke, a little old Greek lady, and a youngblonde Swiss girl with large breasts.

The Train goes into a dark tunnel and a few seconds later there is thesound of a loud slap.
When the train emerges from the tunnel, the Kiwi has a bright red handprint on his cheek.

No one speaks.

The old lady thinks:
The Kiwi guy must have groped the blonde in the dark, and she slapped his cheek.

The blonde Swiss girl thinks:
That Kiwi guy must have tried to grope me in the dark, but missed and fondled the old lady and she slapped his cheek.

The Kiwi thinks:
The Australian bloke must have groped the blonde in the dark. She tried to slap him but missed and got me instead.

The Australian thinks:
I can't wait for another tunnel, just so I can smack the Kiwi again.

Free Rice

This is a great little site, that not only helps you learn new words, but donates free rice to the UN World Health program.

Is a very simple concept, and executed very well. They show you a word, you work out what it means, they donate free rice. Gold.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Top Ten Worst Small Group Discussion Questions

I found these the other day and they have revolutionised the way we do the Huddle!

Top Ten Worst Small Group Discussion Questions

10. Share the worst sin you've ever committed.

9. If you were God, who would you punish first?

8. Which person in this group do you think needs to find Jesus the most?

7. Which people at your church do you wish would find a different church, and why?

6. If you could erase any verse out of the Bible, which one would it be?

5. Share the juiciest piece of gossip you know so we can pray about it.

4. If you could have anything from your neighbor's house, what would it be?

3. What's your favorite of The 10 Commandments to break?

2. If you could change anything about your spouse, what would it be?

1. If you could commit any sin and get away with it, what would it be?

Friday, May 23, 2008

Relationships and singleness

I have had a few conversations with people lately about how being single or in a relationship affects your life, changes who you are n what you do etc.

As most of you who know me will know, i am single at the moment, which I'm loving. In many ways it is a great life. But anyway, a mate asked me if I was looking for a girlfriend, which i thought about a bit before answering. Mainly because I think there's a distinction between looking for a girlfriend and being open to the idea of a relationship.

See i think that when you are single and looking for a girlfriend, then often that may not be a healthy place to be in. I've seen many people who've just come out of a relationship, or not, and seem to be really keen on a relationship, which seems to be predominantly about needing to fill the hole in your life where the other person used to be. I know I've been there before, just wanting someone for the sake of having someone.

And I think the predominant reason people are like that is because of a lack of sense of happiness within themselves. They need somebody else in their life to validate them as a person. So any relationship started from that position will be predominantly about you and your wn needs, not what you can give in love to the other person.

I think it comes back to the basic saying that you have to be able to love yourself before you can love anybody else. That makes a lot of sense to me.

So then, the difference between that and being open to a relationship is that in the latter you are comfortable and secure in yourself, so that if something comes along then great, but if not, you are just as happy within yourself.

Anywho, there's my yearly Dr Phil segment on love and relationships done, so back to more of my usual drivel!

First Aussie Female Bishop Consecrated

You go girlfriend (said with a click of fingers and little waggle of head)

Good on her, and the parts of the Anglican Church that have supported this. The more I understand about the Bible and faith, the less I can see how people would have a problem with this.

Good stuff.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Funny Aussie place names

Found this site the other day, have put down a few good ones, check the site for the rest.

Boing Boing (NT)
Meaning "mosquitoes buzzing" in Aboriginal, Boing Boing narrowly takes the cake for the most unusual place name beginning with "B" — it narrowly beat Blighty in NSW, which probably reminded somebody of home.

Come by chance (NSW)
Immortalised in a Banjo Patterson poem, this settlement in north-western New South Wales got its name from pastoralists who happened upon a large vacant block, while en route somewhere else more promising.

Gingin (WA)
This town north of Perth sounds good enough to drink. The Aboriginal meaning is "place of many streams".

Humpybong (Qld)
Lovely name originating from when the British abandoned the area in favour of settling Brisbane, leaving behind empty huts or "humpies". Humpybong means "dead shelters" in Aboriginal.

Innaloo (WA)
Perth suburb with a fruit market called Innaloo Fresh (we kid you not!) and a shopping plaza, presumably with plenty of indoor restrooms.

Jimcumbilly (NSW)
Tiny settlement and disused railway station located near Bombala, inland from the New South Wales south coast. Mystery surrounds the meaning of its Aboriginal name.

Knuckey Lagoon (NT)
Near Darwin and actually a wildlife reserve, rather than a place popular with couples. Just beats Kurri Kurri in New South Wales, where good Indian cuisine is guaranteed.

Loos (SA)
This settlement's original German name, Buchsfelde, was considered offensive during World War I so they came up with this much better alternative.

Mount Buggery (Vic)
The evocative and typically Aussie name, Mount Buggery, cannot be bettered anywhere in Australia — although WA's Muchea (as in "there's nothing muchea"), a corruption of the Aboriginal word Muchela, is excellent too.

Nowhere Else (Tas & SA)
Located near Devonport in north-western Tasmania, there really is "nowhere else", like Nowhere Else. Well, actually there is... Like many of our visitors have pointed out, a place called Nowhere Else can be found on the Eyre Peninsular in SA too!

Rooty Hill (NSW)
Area in western Sydney named by Governor King in 1802. Disappointingly, the name refers to roots exposed in fields around the hill following floods.

Smiggin Holes (NSW)
Popular ski resort that got its Scottish name from pools formed in rocks by cattle.

Tom Ugly (NSW)
Tom Ugly Point, near Sylvania in Sydney's south, is named after an Aboriginal Australian who lived in a rock shelter in this area during the mid-19th century. His nickname was said to be ironic as he was a strong, handsome fellow.

Wonglepong (Qld)
Although New South Wales has Woolloomooloo (meaning young kangaroo), and Wards Mistake (named after bushranger Frederick Ward), Queensland's delightfully named Wonglepong, possibly meaning "forgotten sound" in Aboriginal, pips them all, and also tramples all over Victoria's Wurt Wurt Kurt as number one "W".

Xantippe (WA)
Australia's only place name beginning with "X" is found near Dalwallinu in the WA wheat belt, and got its name from workers on the rabbit-proof fence. On discovering that the granite ground they were working on was almost impenetrable, they called the place Xantippe, after the wife of Greek philosopher Socrates, reputedly a very hard woman!

Yorkeys Knob (Qld)
Located just north of Cairns, it got its name from a fisherman from Yorkshire, George Yorkey Lawson, who lived nearby in the late 19th century. Locals have since resisted attempts to rename it Yorkeys Beach, fond as they are of the original moniker, despite the reactions it sometimes provokes.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Burma Cyclone Relief

I think we all know about the pretty messed up situation in Burma/Myanmar right now, and TEAR are really good at doing stuf that is long term, and in partnership with the local organisations and people, so if you want to donate, click on the link that is the title.


Friday, May 16, 2008

Digger Land

When i found out there was a Digger Land in England, I was half stoked, and half shattered that I was just in England like a couple months ago and didn't get to get any funny photos!

Lucas and I travelled nearly 2 hours to get a funny photo with a 'Palestine' sign, so I don't care where in England it is, I would have gone!

I still don't know how exactly you make a theme park out of big trucks that dig stuff, but respect to these guys for doing it!

Check out the link for all your Digger Land fun!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Baptism Ritual

On Friday night I was lucky enough to help out with the baptism of a young person at Franga CoC. I had done a few weeks of pre-baptism prep with him which was great fun.

We had originally been planning on having a beach baptism, but we got delayed until now which rendered the beach impossible. I had been suggesting baptising him as we jumped off the pier, but dunno how keen on that he was :)

Anyway, I had been racking my brain for ages trying to work out a way to get around the huge water loss after filling the baptismal tank. I knew for a bunch of reasons we had to do something with it all.

So after the baptism i explained that part of our role as Christians is to care for the environment, and to waste all this water was not on. So with all the kids there, plus family and friends who'd come too, we formed a long line,a nd bucket by bucket we scooped out all the water and took it out onto the gardens. This worked really well,a dn was great fun too.

The other cool thing too was explaining that it was symbolic of his baptism not just being meant to stay here in the church building, but to be taken out into the world, which i think the kids all connected with too.

All in all was a great night.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Can anybody tell me why some people refer to this country as Burma and others as Myanmar??

What is the proper name? Is there some sort of political controversy involved?

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Pastoral Issues and Essays

Too many right now, no time to blog-apart from to write this!