Friday, May 30, 2008

Aussie-Kiwi Love...

Sitting together on a train, traveling through the Swiss Alps, were a
Kiwi guy, an Australian bloke, a little old Greek lady, and a youngblonde Swiss girl with large breasts.

The Train goes into a dark tunnel and a few seconds later there is thesound of a loud slap.
When the train emerges from the tunnel, the Kiwi has a bright red handprint on his cheek.

No one speaks.

The old lady thinks:
The Kiwi guy must have groped the blonde in the dark, and she slapped his cheek.

The blonde Swiss girl thinks:
That Kiwi guy must have tried to grope me in the dark, but missed and fondled the old lady and she slapped his cheek.

The Kiwi thinks:
The Australian bloke must have groped the blonde in the dark. She tried to slap him but missed and got me instead.

The Australian thinks:
I can't wait for another tunnel, just so I can smack the Kiwi again.


Anonymous said...

"For what goes into your mouth will not defile you, but what comes out of your mouth, that is what will defile you."

Hell is no joke.

Digger said...

Sorry David, am not sure what you mean by that?

Are you implying that I am defiling myself (and am thus hellbound) by posting up a joke that you consider to be inappropriate?

I would appreciation any elaboration.


Anonymous said...

Ask yourself would Jesus laugh at that joke (would Jesus laugh at anything is another question).

Would St. Paul approve? Can't see Paul laughing at anything, either.

Perhaps you have to go to the early church fathers for approval.

It's ok for non-Christians to make these sort of lame jokes. They are allowed to be un-cool and hell bound.

For Christians it's another story. Except, of course for the emergent church type. The type of person who swears just enough to look cool. Drinks, but not too much, to be avant-garde. And maybe indulges in the occasional cigar. Then it becomes not so much what you say, but how you say it. And what you're wearing while you say it.

Anonymous said...

I feels a debate spawning.

Esky said...


Digger said...

Actually I don't see any reason why Jesus woudn't laugh at it. I don't think the word breast would offend him to be honest.

I disagree with you David but have no time for someone who makes such judgemental broad brush strokes about people, so thanks for commenting.

Feel free to make some more constructive coments in the future.

Anonymous said...

I like this joke. David, I'm not sure what you are finding problem with.
Sure this is a joke that is having fun at the expense of something but that something is the concept of the relationship between Australians and Kiwis. Every Kiwi I've ever met has enjoyed the friendly rivalry. I did spend 2 weeks in NZ a few years ago, so that isn't just the impression I get from this side of the pond.

What is wrong in this joke?

Digger said...

YEah I too still don't get what's wrong with the joke David?

Esky said...

Ok... now, breathe.

I kinda see what David is saying, it is borderline inappropriate, especially from such a christian leader in this world that has constant contact with people from all journey's and ages.

When I first read it, I thought to myself 'well, it's just another silly Digger joke...' But perhaps it was the courage of david to stand up against it, that awoke me from the state of habituation.

Digger I have nothing but love for you, but sweety- this is a dodgey 'joke'. It promotes an image of ill behaviour amongst people.

However, I also don't think anyone can damn someone else with the threats of hell. Yes, hell is very real and something (im sure) we all strive to avoid.

But we all make mistakes, and it is in our learning how to mend them (with the grace of God) that we move forward in life as "better" people.

Perhaps a question to consider here is 'Would Jesus tell this joke?'...
I don't know about you, but I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Told the joke last night at church. Everyone there thourght that it a nice joke with nothing inappropriate about it.

Digger said...

Hey Esky,
Thanks for your comments here and email.
But I must admit 'promotes an image of ill behaviour' doesn't make any sense?

So are u saying we shouldn't tell jokes that make any intonations about anything except good clean behaviour?

If I follow what i think is your line of logic, shoud we then not watch any TV where people get hurt? Even in something like Funniest Home Videos? Actually, bad example, that show is rubbish and nobody should watch it for any reason! :)

Should we not listen to any songs that make any references to sexual behaviour outside of marriage?

Should we not read the parts of the Bible where God or Israel on God's behalf kill people?

I'm being facetious I know, but I really don't understand your response and am trying to get to the bottom of where ur coming from.

Cheers mate.

And RPD, knowing your church community it does not surprise em in the least that they were not offnded ;)

Carola said...

I think... relax!

Obviously David wouldn't be in the group of people you would tell this joke to if you were to walk into a room of people.

You would probably tell it to those who know you best, close friends. You would see your close friends, walk over, say hi, share the joke and they will know your joke is not actually saying "Hey, theres a chick with large boobs, now where is the pervert trying to touch them? How funny would that be!".

They would still probably laugh, tell you that was [insert comment here], or just smile. If they even felt it was inappropiate I'm sure they wouldn't loudly nor publically say "my gosh, man, for what you've said your going to the hot house!" - in not so many words.

So my point is this. Digger, a guy I personally do not know, seems like the larakin/joker/dude who does random things to make others laugh kinda dude.

David seems like he's a little too quick to judge what someone has just done - [by the way David, I'm really not having a go, but that was a bit of a harsh comment!]. But perhaps sometimes we do need people in our lives to allow us to hold back some of the things we might've been so casual to say previously.

I have had a problem of too-quickly claiming drivers who are really bad surely must be Asian. I dont actually mean that in an offensive way, I actually appreciate and respect all the Asian people I have met thus far and the ones I've not met yet, and I find their culture amazing.

All in all, this joke is harmless, in my opinion. There are far more defiling or, wait for it, sinful things Digger could have said or done that would then expect to have that kind of comment.

But hey, there is always going to be someone who doesn't like something we have done - period. By period I mean 'ever' - to clarify.

You always inspire or trigger some interesting talks, Digz!

I'll continue reading :) and maybe one day I'll discover the art to write a note-like response instead of an essay-like one...

Anonymous said...

"If they even felt it was inappropiate I'm sure they wouldn't loudly nor publically say "my gosh, man, for what you've said your going to the hot house!" - in not so many words."
Carola, you obviously don't know my church community :)
They would, and do, tell me when something I say is completely off base and not cool. Although it seems like I do that less of late than I have in the past.

But yes, many of your other points are good and valid Carola.

CharlesLeaves said...

Have you seen this video? It's essentially the same joke, just a tad different... and better.


CharlesLeaves said...

oh crap... here's the link:

Digger said...

Awesome, thanks for that Chaz!
How's things looking for the wedding man?
You guys are still gonna fly me over there right?

Carola said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Carola said...


:) No, I don't think I would, unless they are in Adelaide? :)

I think its good when people do point these things out. When I said the "loudly nor publically part" I was kind of meaning it wouldn't stop traffic when someone tells you that what you've said wasn't cool.

I envision that they would either - within the group already present or individually - make you aware of it, and not as part of the Sunday morning announcements.

And your church crew can't be too bad if you told them at night church [the more chillaxed ones?] and they thought it was a nice joke.


Amazing how long this topic has become [in length of replies not length of time!]...

I will just continue to laugh - and unless thats not the right reaction to pull - & will do until I've stopped or something new has happened...

Peace be with you all!

Sarah. said...

I see what you mean now Digs. Hehe.

Have to read your blog more.

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