Tuesday, May 13, 2008

A Baptism Ritual

On Friday night I was lucky enough to help out with the baptism of a young person at Franga CoC. I had done a few weeks of pre-baptism prep with him which was great fun.

We had originally been planning on having a beach baptism, but we got delayed until now which rendered the beach impossible. I had been suggesting baptising him as we jumped off the pier, but dunno how keen on that he was :)

Anyway, I had been racking my brain for ages trying to work out a way to get around the huge water loss after filling the baptismal tank. I knew for a bunch of reasons we had to do something with it all.

So after the baptism i explained that part of our role as Christians is to care for the environment, and to waste all this water was not on. So with all the kids there, plus family and friends who'd come too, we formed a long line,a nd bucket by bucket we scooped out all the water and took it out onto the gardens. This worked really well,a dn was great fun too.

The other cool thing too was explaining that it was symbolic of his baptism not just being meant to stay here in the church building, but to be taken out into the world, which i think the kids all connected with too.

All in all was a great night.


Esky said...

Kudos to the rad baptismal!

B.C. said...

That's awesome!

I still haven't been baptised. But perhaps when/if I do... I'll steal that idea. WINNNERRRRRR.

You can still fight Albury or Bailey for rights to the wedding. Your call.

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